WordPress debuted as a blogging platform in 2003. It has grown to become one of the best and most used content management systems (CMS) in the world. Today, WordPress is used for more than just blog creation. It has evolved to become a platform that allows for the creation of fully functional websites. Such is the popularity of WordPress that it currently powers a whopping 23% of all websites in the World Wide Web.

Johor, Malaysia - May 27, 2014: Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, they are 3 most popular social networking sites of the world, May 27, 2014 in Johor, Malaysia.

Even top brands like Google, Facebook, Disney, Time Magazine, LinkedIn, Sony, CNN, eBay and The New York Times, etc. use WordPress to power their websites. So if you are really wondering as to what is so special about WordPress that it is loved by one and all, take a look at just some of the many reasons why you would be better off using WordPress for your website.

It is free

WordPress is free to download, install and use. It utilizes an open source code that can be used to create/modify literally any kind of website you want with few or no hassles at all.

It is easy to install and configure

Rather than making you fuss around with the installation, configuration and add-ons setting processes, WordPress offers you a hassle free ways for installation and configuration. The installation process is also quite fast, allowing you to use the software immediately afterwards.

It can be easily extended using themes and plugins

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You can find thousands of themes and plugins for the WordPress platform. A good number of these are free too! With these themes, templates and plugins, you can enhance the design, feel, and functions of your website.

It is easily customizable

Maybe there is a theme/template you really like to use for your website, but you don’t really care for its color scheme. WordPress can come to your rescue here by providing themes that are totally customizable, meaning you can change colors and backgrounds while uploading logos, creating sliders and doing every other cool thing you want to see on your website. All this without writing a single piece of code!

It lets you enjoy free upgrades

The “freemium” model that is increasingly popular allows you to install a software, but many essential features and updates are locked away for paid users. You don’t have to worry about that with WordPress though which offers its software upgrades for free as well.

It is extremely easy to use and learn


One of the main reasons why WordPress is great is because it is extremely easy to use and learn. The community software comes with plenty of articles, tutorials and step by step guides to help novices create their very first website.

You can also get in touch with the community or staff members to help you get started. In fact, several webhosts offer out-of-the-box installation for WordPress – all you have to do is start using the software.

It offers plenty of support from the community

So what if you are a beginner and have little or no idea about using WordPress? The moment you log into WordPress for the first time, you become a part of an online community of volunteers and consultants who are dedicated to the growth of the software. You can get plenty of free support from these members while contributing back once you get the experience.

It helps you publish content with just one click

With WordPress, you no longer need to worry about going through a series of checklists before publishing content. The software’s quick content publishing feature allows you to publish articles with just one click. This is great at times when you need to publish a blog post immediately.

It helps you schedule posts

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WordPress is a great choice for content management if you are pressed for time. It helps you post regularly by allowing you to schedule your posts well in advance. This, in turn, allows you to schedule a post to appear on your website at any chosen time (preferably when your site experiences the most traffic). So what if your website receives most visitors at midnight? You can use WordPress to schedule your posts to appear on the site at that particular time.

It lets you control discussions

Face it! Sooner or later your website will run into spammers, trolls, or just angry commenters who have nothing to add to the discussion.

WordPress offers the solution to these problems by letting you have control of the discussions. So while you start the discussion and visitors comment underneath them, you have the power to approve or decline these comments before they are made public on your website. This makes WordPress pretty much like your very own online reputation management (ORM) tool!

It is extremely easy to update

One of the main highlights of WordPress is that it comes with a strong built-in updater that lets you update themes and plugins very easily from the dashboard itself. The updater also notifies you of new versions of WordPress as and when they available. This lets you update your entire website with just a single click.

It supports multiple-user capability


You may feel the need to give other members of your team access to your website and administration. WordPress makes it easy for you to assign hierarchical roles to different people updating or managing the website. You can assign different roles to different individuals who will be maintaining your website.

It is easily accessible

WordPress is accessible from any computer around the world. It does not require any specific firewall or software setting to open as well. This makes it easier for you to update your website from literally anywhere as long as you have access to the internet. This also allows you to keep your website up to date with the current details instead of waiting for the designer to make the same changes you can make yourself.

It is safe and secure

WordPress offers you a safe and secure place to launch your website. WordPress works like a charm with most of the website backup services, in fact there are several services that specialize in WordPress backups. Similarly, there are plenty of security and safety softwares that go extremely well with your WordPress installation.

It supports easy to read print format

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The majority of websites out there feature designs that are too wide to print. You can get around the issue of printable pages with some quick CSS code, but if that’s not your cup of tea, you could always find a plugin to do the job. This helps you strike the perfect balance between screen view design and the printable version without the need to create duplicate copies of entire pages.

It is SEO friendly

In a world where a website’s reputation relies to a great extent on its SEO rankings, it is imperative that you have a website that is SEO friendly. And WordPress lets you achieve that in a jiffy. The software utilizes high quality code as well as semantic mark-up to make your website more visible to search engines.

It supports different media types

WordPress is not about writing text alone. The software is amazingly versatile when it comes to offering support for different media types. These include but are not limited to images, audios and videos. This allows you to add these media types without worrying about restrictions.

It supports oEmbed-enabled websites

oEmbed-enabled websites

WordPress’s support for oEmbed enabled websites means you can easily embed the links to your tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram photos, YouTube videos and Soundcloud audio in your post. You can also allow visitors to embed the same in the comments as well. All you need to do is paste the URL of the link you wish to embed in your post.

It is social networking friendly

With WordPress plugins, you no longer need to log in into your social media accounts individually and then give an update indicating any new addition to your website. You can easily choose to integrate your blog posts with your various social media accounts automatically. Thus, every time you add something new to your website, your social media accounts are immediately notified of the same.

It is supported by multiple hosting providers

Switching from one provider to another may at times, force you to lose out on essential elements of your website design. Not so with WordPress though. The software is extremely flexible when it comes to working with and getting support from multiple servers and hosting providers. This allows you to switch between providers with no hassles at all whatsoever.

It is mobile friendly

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A lot of individuals use their mobiles to surf the internet these days. WordPress allows you to create a highly responsive site thanks to its responsive themes and plugins. This ensures that your site is mobile friendly and will open perfectly on any mobile device, irrespective of the screen size and resolution. You can even create complicated elements like tables and graphs and make them responsive by default with the help of a WordPress tables plugin.

It is supported by powerful integration platforms

WordPress is the best choice when it comes to creating a website for your business. It is supported by some really powerful integration platforms that give your business the boost it requires. For instance, you can set up an email campaign with the click of a button with the MailChimp service. Or you can set up one of the many popular payment gateways WordPress supports in order to get paid for a service or product.

It is very easy to monetize

WordPress supports a number of ecommerce plugins like Shopp and WooCommerce that can help transform your website into a fully functional digital store. You could pick and choose from the variety of plugins available to do the job, or if you prefer – put your very own code on the job. Flexibility and the freedom of customization in WordPress provides you with a whole lot of options.

It supports membership service

WordPress allows you the facility to turn an ordinary website into a full-fledged membership site. This way, you can enjoy some additional income by encouraging visitors to sign up for exclusive membership which will offer them access to exclusive, useful content.

WordPress is no longer just a blogging platform. This extremely efficient and versatile content management system is now used by millions of users worldwide to run and maintain their websites.