Types of leaders

A leader: the traits that make him who he is

A leader is a person who leads; this definition is probably the most basic one and everyone is aware of it. However not everyone is aware of the different roles a single leader has to play for his team. A leader is a person who is responsible for the failures and the success of the team of individuals he is responsible for. A successful leader needs to have a bunch of qualities that actually make him successful. One of them is integrity and the other one is good communication skills. The others include his ability to motivate and inspire the people around him plus his capability to take decisions


Different kinds of leaders

There are many kinds of leaders and some of them are listed below:

  • The enforcer: These kinds of leaders work with a positive set of mind and make sure that the set objectives are accomplished no matter what. Integrity is one of their strong points and they firmly stand by what they think is right. Commitment is also their many qualities and they stick to their job for a long time.
  • The deal maker: these kinds of leaders have excitement in abundance and that is why they serve as magnets for most people. They like the idea of experimenting with new things and usually think out of the box. They have a lot of energy and that is what makes them to look for change wherever possible.
  • The visionary: the leaders that fall in this category inspire a lot of people but they rarely show them the way to that greatness. Few people are actually able to bring themselves to follow these leaders.
  • The serial entrepreneur: imagination is one of their many strong points and they also have good calculation skills. These kinds of leaders are full of energy and are totally committed to their work. These leaders are capable of accomplishing the targets that will seem impossible to get to most people.


Now you can understand that a leader has to play many roles and he is always responsible towards the people who follow him. A good leader takes his followers with him to the right path that always leads to success. There are many qualities that can help you to identify between a good and a bad leader.