What is wine tourism?

Wine tourism is not unheard of. On the contrary, it has turned out to be a fascinating mode of tourism generally to the affluent class and connoisseurs of this beverage. This particular sector of tourism popularly known as Enotourism or vine tourism is highly developed in countries like France, Spain, Italy, Greece, and Australia and in the US and South Africa. Since wine tourism has its commencement in the vineyards, a lot of sunshine, merry climate, quality of soil and other factors bearing on temperature, humidity, salinity of soil and air are a pre requisite. The taste and juice content of grapes are vital factors laying foundation of the taste and quality of wine produced, which depends upon the soil character of the vine yard.

Wine tourism is not a passive form of tourism; it is a highly active mode of tourism which calls for active participation. It embraces activities like purchase and consumption of different grades of wine, taking a long walk down the vine yards actively take part in harvesting, sorting and grading grapefruits surveying the processing of wine in wineries. A part of the tour requires the tourist be provided an accommodation in a farmhouse or a villa adjacent to the vineyard and winery itself so that he she or may get an easy access to the lifestyle and cuisine to which a vineyard and winery owner is acquainted with. The most important part of wine tourism is developing an appreciation for the produce, and getting an insight into the subtle nuances and developing a special feel to the taste of a specific brand and the reason why it tastes different from another.

Calabria coast with Italian pizza and glasses of wine,Italy

Live interaction with the farmer gives an insight into the subtle finer tricks like the quality fertilizers, climatic conditions, character of soil, rain, sunshine and mostly the fervent care shown by the grower that makes his product a unique one -a beater on the table! Wine tourism exposes the tourist to the culture, heritage, food and beverage habits, philosophies and values of life that make the wine producer so different from the other locals of the area belonging to a different trade.

It is amazing to learn that wine production had been an ancient farming activity dating back to thousands of years. The farmers have sharpened their skills and developed finesse for the right kind of taste down the ages, which has elevated this farming activity to the level of an inspiring art. The Napa valley in California is one of the most sought after wine tourism destinations. It is picturesque and serene with rolling acres and wineries of all description abound here. On a parallel ground Yarra valley in Australia promises a fun packed and educational wine tour! There are wine experts to guide you through. You are put into cozy accommodations at Yering farm and estate bungalows complete with a round of sparkling wine and A la carte lunch!

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