What are the key drivers for rural tourism growth?

Human needs, likings and tastes change with time as human minds are always inclined towards exploration. Nature loving human beings are many in this planet, and it is this love for nature that has driven them to take refuge in her lap giving rise to rural tourism, an offbeat mode of tourism. Apart from the love for nature, other key drivers also contribute to the growth of rural tourism.

Necessity to boost economic growth of the country:

The sudden global economic meltdown has left the entire world in jitters. The prevailing staggering global economic scenario has driven many big and small economies to look for additional revenue generation through rural tourism. Tourism industry in many countries contributes significantly in the overall economic growth, and rural tourism presented in attractive packages has been able to generate handsome revenue past few years.

Stressful urban life:

Nature showcases herself in attractive forms and features. With rapid urbanization much of nature’s purity and serenity is lost, and human beings are left confined in an abnormal rat race and excessive mental stress seriously affecting their body and mind. Rural areas have been able to preserve that priceless natural beauty and serenity even today; thanks to the less ambitious villagers and their easy going lifestyle, and city dwellers are now-a-days preferring these natural niches to unwind themselves.

Rising tendency of inexpensive short vacations:

Mounting air fares and fuel prices could not hold back the regular vacationers who have shifted their focus from expensive luxurious holiday packages to the less expensive holidaying options like rural tourism. The ultimate objective of holidaying is to enjoy variations, a much needed deviation from the monotonous lifestyle and modern day rural tourism packages have many attractions to offer.

Wide coverage by media:

Widespread coverage of upcoming rural tourist spots by the electronic and print media has been another key driver in the growth of rural tourism. Attractive advertisements posted by the tour planners providing detail information along with the customer reviews have attracted tourists in rural tourism.

Uncertain returns from agriculture and farming:

Uncertain climatic conditions are often affecting the agricultural output of a country, which has been a serious dampener in the path towards growth and development. One or two successive crop loss affects the lives of villagers leaving no other option for their survival. Rising trend of rural tourism has provided an alternative and steady source of income enabling them to withstand the hard days. Rural tourism has encouraged the agri-sector with farmers going for special harvest festivals in the harvest season showcasing their farm products, a specialty of a particular community.

Rising environment consciousness:

Modern day better educated travelers in the pursuit of green tourism or eco-tourism are opting for rural tourism in order to spend their vacations in a clean and green manner. Lots of environmental wastes are generated through tourism especially in the peak tourist season, which has been a matter of concern. Pristine snowcapped mountain ranges and the Antarctic region are also not spared from the litters of tourists. Rising environment consciousness has driven the better educated class towards rural tourism, which is rewarding and enriching in every aspect.

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