Travel and tourism arrangement in wildlife tourism

With the wild life tourism gaining momentum, the network of travel agencies have expanded their services far and wide. The forest departments backed with the support of chief conservators have come up to encourage tourists in the wild life zone. However, the stress is always on to sustain wild life tourism without misbalancing our ecosystem. Therefore, the welfare of the flora and fauna is of prime concern. The various wild life travel agencies and tour operators offer compact wild life tour packages at competitive rates. Their service coverage basically embraces flight booking to and from the wild life destination, management of a large group of tourist with minimum confusion ensuring a hassle free trip. Liaisoning with the local transport and hotel owners and arranging for sightseeing and accommodation for the tourist form the vital features of these packages. Here, the target is to build a strong and trusted network of service providers. Coordination is based on clarity, efficiency and swiftness so that issues at every stage of the trip is handled very smoothly.

Sometimes the travel agencies have their own chain of accommodations and fleet of transport minimizing the dependence on middlemen. Customer tourist can lodge direct complaint to the tour operator for deficiencies in service received if any. The prime objective is to ensure the customer should enjoy his money’s worth of wildlife experience if not more. Efficient management of the tourist kitchen, quality and timely delivery of food are important aspects. Here, the tourist may have a reservation as food is a sensitive issue. Tourists may be from both vegetarian and non vegetarian category. Some tourists may be allergic to a specific type of food. All these important factors are well taken care of. Standby arrangements in case of medical emergency are kept in view and delivered when situation demands.

After dispatching a group into a wild life safari, the progress of the trip is sometimes closely monitored. The communication links are ever busy keeping the base office posted about the developments, wild life sightings and problems encountered if any.

The tour agencies have a host of duties and responsibilities to discharge. The contact with the local inhabitants, the infrastructural set ups and the government regulations should be kept in view in cases where they have a direct impact on wild life tourism. For example, imposition of a forest tax or hike in the existing tax will directly affect the tourist. All the latest updates flowing from local conditions are taken into account with a special emphasis on the degree of support and attitude of the locals towards wild life tourism in their country.

Wild life tourism rests entirely on the tourism arrangements the tour operators have custom designed. Without an experienced guidance wild life tourism is not only a futile effort, but can be a dangerous attempt as well. Gone are those days when you led an expedition to the animal kingdom followed by native porters carrying your luggage load on their backs.

The tour operators and agents are busy working their way in advance ready with the answers to the hardships you might come across on your jungle trip.

Prior to making the actual expedition, you need to be acquainted with the kind of experience you are going to achieve when you land upon your destination. The collection of brochures, texts, visual clips, illustrations and motion picture documentaries update you of the kind of flora and fauna waiting and the quality of amenities that goes with it.

You step into a wildlife tourism agency’s office and become aware of an atmosphere inspiring a visit to the wild life abode. The arrangements are custom built, well coordinated and devised to give the wild life tourist his money’s value back.

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