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It is sure a brilliant experience to go all the way through a responsible tourism itinerary. You feel to have done something very constructive. You have in fact contributed towards the welfare of the destination you have been to. However, your mission doesn’t end once you hit back home. Your learning process continues. You maiden responsible trip has made you aware of the importance of ecology in our lives, and the role the flora and fauna in fixing this ecosystem maintaining the nitrogen cycle can hardly overemphasized.

Equally important is the impact of an alien culture on your mindset. Probably you cannot ignore it, and the mere distance between you and the destination country cannot fade the reminiscence of the excellent cultural exposure that you had been through. If you deliberately try to cut it off from memory, you will probably miss out on something that is wonderful and might change the perception of your philosophy on life altogether.

The cultural and artistic marvels that you have seen, the mementos and local crafts that you have bought as showpieces of your living room, the new language and the novel gestures of courtesy that you have learned abroad have enhanced your material, intellectual and cultural wealth. They do not evaporate into thin air as you have dropped back home. They continue to keep you company for the rest of your life. They have widened the horizon of your level of thought process.

The photo shots and movie clippings not only display the charm of the magical place you have been to but also the positive role you have taken to make your visited destination a better place to dwell for the local inhabitants and worth visiting for the tourists. Still photographs and movie camera shots taken on your responsible venture can become result yielding educational tools. The visuals with the background acoustics, clear and informative narratives will keep those interested back home glued to their seats. It could certainly be a blockbuster if you could collect scenes where you and your trip mates have successfully prevented a forest fire.

You might have attended and medicated a wild buck injured by a running vehicle and put it back to the safety of the jungle where it belongs. You and your team may have caught red handed an artwork vandal, restored the masterpiece and put the prick over to the hands of the authority. You may even freeze your initiative on a seedling plantation program that you enthusiastically deliver with approval from the concerned authority of the destination.

It may seem that all these possibilities are a part of your wishful thinking, but you never know when an opportunity is going to explode on your way. So keep your camera handy, motivate your team in focus and seek for opportunities. Visual impact of these clippings directed at doing something good to Mother Nature and its inhabitants are tremendous. They instill a sense of accountability and awareness in the minds of the audience you have invited in your guestroom. They will come to know about our different regions of the world, their ecological, economical and cultural environment and the imperative need to preserve, promote and respect for these wonders.

You have in fact become a sort of brand ambassador of the country you have visited. Post responsible tourism, there is absolutely no point in just sitting idle and brooding over all what had caught your fancy and fascination. You need to turn the activation key inside you and jump into action. Once you do this, you are simply flooded with waves of constructive and innovative projects for promoting the culture and ecology of the destination you had just been to.

Since communication has turned global, at the blink of an eye through social networking sites you may continue to be in touch with friends, communities and organizations you have come in contact on your trip. The contacts those have fascinated you can keep you updated on the latest developments on the cultural and ecological fronts, and may give you significant feedback on the avenues through which you can plan your contribution and spread your opinion towards making the destination an enchanting locale to travel.The internet has brought in wonders. The pleasure of blogging! You can blog your opinion. You can blog your passion. You can photo blog your likings for a place that may have enchanted you. A person may have fascinated you, and an idea may have appealed you.

Blogging is a very fast communicating medium aided with a bit of statement or illustration or a fair combination of both that reaches a wide section of users at a single click! All you have to do is just get yourself registered in a social networking site and keep on posting your blogs. Youtube videos with proper audio support and significant shots of the subject matter with the message of responsibility, accountability and positive attitude expressed towards improving the environmental, cultural, ecological and economic state of your visited destination can set fire to the passion among the users. A fiery sense of duty and determination is infused in their veins, and you have your first step taken towards the realization of your dream.

There are still a lot more to be delivered. We should try to be the torch bearers holding the mission of responsible tourism and make the world a safer place to live in and roam around in the face of threats like global warming and socio political disintegration lurking in the background.

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