Precautions in Sports Tourism

Sports tourism arouses an international interest all at a point of a specific time span among the world population. However, ‘interest’ is too weak a word to describe the scale of passion and frenzy the events like The Olympics, World Cup Cricket and FIFA World Cup soccer inspires. Emotions and intense love for the competing nations dominate over rational thinking. When rational thought process and general calm are lost, you are in for a trouble while on sports tourism venture and hence a few words of caution.

If you have planned to go with your travel agent, do everything to establish his reliability as basically you are entrusting your safety, money and your entire entourage with your chosen agency. Promises made before receiving your payment must be kept till the point of time your contract with the tour agency is over, and you are back satisfied.

A giant sports meet is a massive gathering with millions of tourists from various nationalities including the home crowd collecting around the sports event venues. All in the crowd are not certainly good people for anti-socials and goons put on fake pretensions and are out to make money at your expense.

There is no need to make friendship with a stranger as you cannot read his intentions. Never invite a stranger to your hotel room and never share your hotel address with him for obvious reasons. Neither your hotel administration and nor your travel agent will share the responsibility for your foolishness if you happen incur any loss in the process.

Get clearly defined route maps from your hotel to the venue of sports so that you do not have to grope your way back with great difficulty. Always keep in touch with your hotel authorities over the phone as they are your only guardian overseas.

As a precautionary measure in any trip, you should never expose your valuables and money as you may be inviting a burglary. And never to feast on the food sold open just at the outskirts of a stadium however tempting they may look. Disease may spread from the contaminated food throwing your entire tour into a topsy-turvy. Your expense budget will instantly spill over on medical grounds, and the worst thing is it will leave you badly shaken both physically and mentally.

Also be cautious while consuming drinking water as infected water taken from an unknown source will send you straight to hospital writhing in pain instead of enjoying a soccer battle in a grand stadium. Using packaged water for drinking purpose is the safest option.

Take adequate safety measures to protect your camera, which you would definitely be carrying to shoot dramatic moves and exciting moments in a game. Give a cushioning pad to your camera especially to the lens so that they do not get shattered.

Do not forget to carry a stock of emergency medicines. You may need them when you find them too expensive abroad. So it is better to carry them before stepping out.

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