Learning Holidays: Gargoti Mineral Museum

Holidays are time for fun, relaxation, games, vacations, visiting relatives etc. This is also a long break which children get enjoy every year. But the holidays can be used effectively to teach children about lots of things which they would never come across in their lessons and school books. One way to accomplish that is to take them to diverse locations. Museums, forts, monuments, science parks, wildlife sanctuaries etc.

One of the places I recommend parents to take their children would be to Gargoti Mineral Museum in Sinner, near Malegaon, in the state of Maharashtra in central India. The museum is the only of its kind in the Asian Region and exhibits a vast collection of minerals, stones, rocks and even debris from Moon and Mars.

The Museum is set in a beautiful, fully airconditioned building and is a must-visit location for all those who love nature & mankind. The Mineral Museum was inaugurated on 26th April 2001 and has since then attracted numerous visitors including groups of school children, mineral enthusiasts, college students and mineral collectors alike.

With over 3,500 exhibits the Gargoti Museum is one of the unique places I have visited. As I passed through the numerous galleries I felt enthralled by the rocks of various colours, shapes and sizes. Rocks which were thin and needle like, conical like pyramids, emerald green, copper brown, jet black, baby pink and milky white and an array of colours are all installed in cabinets and lit up in such a way as to enhance their appeal.

Here are some pictures of the museum for perusal. It is best to visit the museum rather than merely its website.

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