Key drivers of wild life tourism

Diversity and the huge mass of plant and animal specimens are major key factors that enhance the tourist appeal of a wild life country. Tourists visiting wild life destinations look for loads of adventurous thrill, fun and excitement. It is the clash of tooth and claws against horns, hooves and antlers, contact between tusks and canines, dramatic predator prey chases, successful hunts and narrow escapes that turn the tourists on. The actions involved in a carnivore- herbivore confrontation or when a bull, rhino or a male tusker goes for a head on charge against your land rover make you feel that panic; adrenaline pours into your system and yet you love to pay to make such situations happen.

You will not love to wait a long day or a sleepless night for a sickly lion to limp to a water hole for its need. You will love to see your animal healthy, teeming in population against a lush background. The quantity, quality and an assortment of different species of animals are exactly what will drive you on to make repeat visits to a wild life destination. It becomes your dream destination. Words of appreciation from you and other tourists like you spread like wildfire arousing the interest of more tourists. More visits take place and the wild life tourism business flourishes with a roaring pitch.

But dramatic situations rarely happen. You may expect wild encounters, but you need to be lucky enough to sight six male lions bring down a one ton cape buffalo. It is all a game of probability and chance factor playing in your favor and do not be shocked if you come across such a spectacle. It is just the mechanism of natural selection working its way. Attitude towards wild life tourism is of prime importance. Role played by the government backed tourism department, local inhabitants and eventually the tourists on expedition are key drivers as well. Their stand goes a long way in bringing a wild life tour destination under the lime light.

Conservation of the flora and fauna is imperative. Periodical appraisal and assurance are launched by the forest department to see if ecological stability and harmony rules.

The accommodation and transport are key drivers very much. Without a proper place to stay, a cozy bed to rest and good food to eat you do not draw sufficient vigor to keep you charged for your trip into the wild. Without a good and sturdy transport you cannot proceed even a hundred yards around. You need a good driver, enough fuel and an experienced forest guide to explore and enjoy the wild world outside your cottage. A ruthless and yet a beautiful world where the fittest survives, the doe demonstrates her motherly affection towards kid and the tailor bird sings busily focused on stitching two leaves.

It is ultimately the flow of money that keeps the spirit of wild life tourism throbbing and that is sourced from the tourist. To keep the source pumping in money into the system, the tourist needs to be delivered quality service.  His experience of the wild life expedition should worth the money he spends. All the service providers should get their fair share, and the flow should not get blocked at some corner where someone tries to get an unfair cut depriving others. This keeps all operating in the wild life tourism chain happy, and the system operates on well oiled gears.

Drivers to wildlife tourism should run vigorously with perfect coordination. Attitude towards wild life tourism should be positive with required emphasis on financial support or else the spirit of wild life tourism would go dry and forests would turn barren.

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