Key drivers of festival tourism

Acceptance demonstrated by the local residents towards visiting tourists is a key factor behind making a country a popular festival tourist destination. Generally, the attitude is positive and warm, and there is no demarcation seen in alienating foreigners from participating in a local festival. The influx of tourists contributes to the commercial activities. The inflow of money is generated with the mounting tourist size in a festive season. The restaurants sell more food, the handicraft vendors sell more artifacts, the hotels and cab drivers get more business, and this is something wonderful the way a country welcomes the arrival of tourists during festivals with open arms. The glamour and the strong appeal of the festival are perhaps the key drivers that beckon throngs of enthusiastic tourists from all corners of the world.

The matching of the season with the festival time is important. It is a notable feature that the festival is traditionally timed to fit into the best season of the region with a brilliant sky overhead and general comfort with regard to climatic temperature and humidity. The brilliance of the weather condition is an additional driving factor that attracts the tourists during festivals. For example if Diwali, the festival of lights in India was to be held during heavy downpour there would not have been any fun at all.

The ancillary business that develops with the major festival celebration in the background is a powerful factor responsible for drawing in tourists who are on a look out for mirth and excitement. The large crowd being the chief driving force for a successful festival, it needs to be charged with electrifying excitement. The quality of fun generated by the machineries of amusement in a carnival must justify the reason why the tourists should feel excited and happy while on a festival tour.

The cultural performances like traditional and modern dance and music shows, art competitions, plays and dramas including modern and those drawn from mythological epics usually livens up the spirit of the festival and are key drivers pulling festival tourists from within the country and abroad.

As already highlighted earlier, shopping is a key factor driving in hordes of tourists during the festive season of a country. For shopping to be a popular activity during festivals the quality of products offered on sale should have reached a satisfactory standard of customer satisfaction be it food, clothing, local handicrafts, artifacts or special works of art like sketches catching the theme of the festival. Pendants, amulets, necklaces, rings offered on sale symbolizing the spirit of the festival have an enormous tourist appeal when handcrafted with a lot of finesse and elegance.

Last but not the least, the infrastructural set up that exists during the festival season is another key driver having a bearing on the visiting tourists. The availability of a decent accommodation and transport in the face of heavy festive rush is a serious factor. The role of local administration in managing the entire scenario so that the festival is celebrated from the initial day through its culmination without any untoward incident is important.

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