Key drivers of cultural tourism

Accomplishments of cultural tourism rest heavily upon certain key factors the significance  of which cannot go unnoticed. The prime aspect for making cultural tourism a much sought after venture lies in the attitude of the government and tourism department and their continued patronage. The government of a country generally upholds the cultural value of a nation fostering its tourist worth. Cultural achievements seen by a nation down the ages are not only a historical reminder of its rich heritage and feats, but also is a subject of great contemporary interest among tourists.

Archeological departments lend a committed and untiring support preserving the historical monuments and ruins and put an amazing display of the relics of ancient culture, works of art and architecture for the world to see. This is done with painstaking efforts and meticulous precision and patience. How well do these departments succeed in managing these ‘World heritage sites’ as these awe inspiring evidences of primeval culture are often termed as plays a crucial role, catching the penchant of the tourist and all the rage that follows firing up the passion of the tourist’s cultural quest.

This is undisputedly a key driving factor for promoting cultural tourism and making it a popular getaway among tourists turned on by cultural wonders. The part played by an efficient and qualified cultural tour guide is imperative as well in making cultural tourism a sure shot winner. The role of an efficient guide is like a rudder in a cruise ship in absence of which the ride cuts across an aimless track. The subtle nuances are well explained and the finer details of an exhibit touched in depth. Without the invaluable service of the guide the tour exposure goes bland. The tourist just draws in a fraction of ecstasy in terms of his hard earned dollars.

Whether the cultural displays a country has on offer worth a visit is certainly a deciding factor. You cannot fool tourists on a fairly large scale offering them peanuts when they have paid for cheese sandwich. The appeal must well worth its reputation. The tourist shouldn’t feel they have been taken for a ride.

Apart from the mainstay in cultural tourism, the ancillary units and infrastructural setups that grow around connected with the main attraction must be supportive .Congenial atmosphere, attitude of the locals, a trusted transportation network, good hotels and eateries are bare minimums. Existence of a fair law and order system with tourist grievance redressal cells are important factors too.

One very important driver of cultural tourism is the continuous innovation and constructive ideas that should come up from an advisory board. The board should include scholars, academicians and cultural gurus drawn from various disciplines in art and culture. With their intellectual contributions, they must constantly strive for making the culture tourism sector of a nation more and more appealing.

Exquisite Mughal gardens in Kashmir landscaped by the Mughal Badshahs are absolute legends. These ancient landmarks of art and culture command a powerful tourist draw. Pioneering ideas are instilled by the department of tourism, art and culture. The environment inside the Mughal gardens comes alive with mechanized tricks of light and sound. Visitors are enthralled when they are exposed   to dummy voices of Badshahs with the magic of lighting effect   flickering on and off .The ambience have a pleasant tone, birds twittering and resonance of flowing cascades splashing against rocks .Every bit of hum and jingle is played over the public address system!

You get a feel as if you have been transported back in time with celebrated Mughal rulers from the past occupied in fragments of live conversation. This is just an example of what a wonderful magic an innovative step taken by department of culture can have on the prospect of cultural tourism. This definitely is a key driver promoting cultural tourism worldwide.

Last but not the least, the huge mass of prospective tourists, their attitude and interests play a decisive role in giving a finite shape to the future of cultural tourism. It is his instinct that has motivated man to rise above his basic needs of food, clothing and shelter. Having met his fundamental requirements, he realizes there is much to achieve in life than the bare necessity of just staying alive. He strives upward towards fulfilling his intellectual needs, and here is exactly where the enticement of cultural tourism fits in. Attitude of the tourists justifies it to be the most authoritative driving factor of cultural tourism.

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