Key drivers and factors for growth of wine tourism

Wine tourism is a part of a larger wine industry. Its future is promising, and its latent potential is powerful enough to see a booming market for the wine industry as a whole. Wine tourism and wine production are complementary to each other, and from the customer point of view the consumers and connoisseurs need to get a firsthand knowledge and a feel for the environment from which the bottle of premium quality wine they had just bought from a city store had come!

The label on the bottle does speak a lot revealing all those vital data and the atmosphere in which the specific brand has been nurtured and bottled. But a large proportion of consumers want something more. They aim for a live interaction with the wine country. The picturesque vineyards have all those rustic charms to fascinate the tourists. They are amazed at the process involved inside the wineries that converts hops into bottles of tasty wines. The access to tasting the produce in accompaniment of barbeques and delicious side dishes is a rare piece of experience. The drive down the meandering routes cutting across the vineyards is simply enchanting, and mere words are not enough to justify its beauty.

The accommodation and its style of construction and architecture add value to the entire tourism package. The prospective is glad to spend money on a decent and cozy place of stay surrounded by an exquisite wine country. Lastly, the role of the tour guide is of paramount importance. In a nutshell, he makes your trip come alive! His knowledge is vast and his experience wide and feeds you with all important piece of information that even if blindfolded you can just touch a bottle and say a great deal about the quality of wine entrapped!

It is a wonderful, educative and an active tour experience which has a great potential for growth. How well the tourism package is designed to appeal the customer is important. Equally important is how neatly this package is delivered with minimum hassles, optimizing on a combined target of speed, precision and comfort. The tourists should feel at home. He should be made a part of active conversation supporting every bit of demonstration while on the way down a wine tourism drive.

If the tourist talks and relishes every inch of this tour, he will pay. However, one important concern is out of the tourist population patronizing wine tourism only one third is females. Serious thoughts are to be focused on expanding the volume of female wine tourist population. Drawing the interest of children and kids who would accompany their mothers might be the answer. This would mean setting up amusement parks or sporting facilities inside the wine country. However deviation from the prime target of exploring wine country should be arrested. Diversification and ancillary facilities should move around the prime theme of grape production, their harvest and finally the brewing and bottling of wine. Fun games and amusement rides may be designed drawing inspiration from dummy harvest, processing, bottling and tasting. A sure way to win over the female tourist and tap this market is to lure their children with wine tourism inspired gadgets and gimmicks!

The seasonal nature of wine tourism is another area of concern. The tourist population jumps during autumn, the harvest season. Even the off season discount offers have failed to help expand visits during off season. This clarifies one thing. The tourist enjoys active participation in the harvest! Making the operation of harvest more exciting and alluring to the tourist would lead to a rise in tourist population during the harvest season. There has to be a way to this. The help of mechanization and technology and a little bit of innovative thought would make the harvest season draw an explosion of tourist influx.

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