Essential components of war tourism

War tourism functions around certain key factors which consolidates the idea and makes it a roaring business bringing in substantial revenue to the tourism industry. The tourists make the war tourism moving and dynamic.

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The quality of the tourist is instrumental to the success of this travel getaway, and it is a fact that the customer needs a level of background to appreciate all that war tourism has to offer. Education and awareness are important as is the strong inclination towards adventure and thrill. History of legendary warfare is a crucial component supported by underlying causes and the results.

Political awareness and knowledge of global power equation are important inputs that drive tourists towards sites torn by strife. It is worth mentioning that interest shown by tourists in technology and science are important components well. How missiles and projectiles fly and hit a target, the angle of launch, the initial momentum, the path they traverse, the time span that elapse in between, the deadly mix of chemicals and gunpowder used and eventually the devastating power are all important parameters that turns an interested tourist on. He visits the war zone to try and find an answer to these questions his inquisitive mind hunts for. He nurtures a hope that a visit to war tourism site may expose him to a better access to the technicalities of a full blown combat and indeed can be classified as fundamental building blocks of war tourism. The attitude of the government and locals, their support and reservations and their effort to preserve a battlefield unspoilt and in original shape are important components too.

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Components of war tourism include law and order, administrative machinery and the infrastructural set up of the destination. Good hotels with hospitality as a prime feature are most sought after components that support the success of war tourism. Existence of the state of the art museums with all documented information, authentic war photographs, exhibits of weapons employed with enough tagged literature highlighting their lethal features are the essential components that the tourists look for beyond what he saw on the field. Without this educative aspect, the glamour of war tourism will lose half of its luster and that is what the museums are for.

They provide information, educate the untrained mind and sharpen the knowledge of those with an inherent exposure to war facts and data. Flow of the cycle of money associated with war tourism is an essential component. Money flowing in from tourists goes into up gradation of war sites, the local chain of business and the infrastructure. More the money pouring in better will be the progress. Better the progress more tourists will be attracted and the money gets recycled improving the prospect of war tourism.


The close network between the hotels, transportation arrangement, war ravaged site and the ministry of tourism could serve as an effective component improving customer service. This ensures effective coordination of services and guarantees minimum customer complaint and maximization of value the tourist achieves from war tourism site for the amount of money he pays.

War tourism module is also about the tourist and local resident exchange of attitude, common interests and conflicts. When money moves from the tourists to the locals, the scene is peaceful and bright. When interests clash, conflicts arise and the atmosphere turns putrid, popularity of the concept of war tourism declines. The residents feel the visitors are having a great time viewing the war sites which have been smeared in the blood of their forefathers. The visitors feel the locals are not cooperative enough. This is the bad portion of the component and needs to be eliminated with resolving mistrust and inconsistency of perspective from both the ends.

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