Do’s and Don’ts while on rural tourism

While you are contemplating an exciting activity packed rural tourism and making necessary preparations, a thorough knowledge of customs and traditions of the particular rural destination is essential especially if you are venturing into foreign soil. You need to be aware of the mindset of the locals which will enable you to enjoy a trouble free vacation. Rural people are generally conservative in nature being far away from the light of modernization and may be averse to certain modern customs. It would be your responsibility to give special attention to these issues while on a rural trip with family and friends.

What to do while on rural tourism:

  • Learn few words like “thank you”, “welcome”, “how are you” and some common words of praises in the local dialect. Internet will be your best guide in this respect. Encourage your kids to learn these words. This will help to develop a good rapport with the local villagers.
  • Hire a guide if you are going for a rural trip on a foreign location. He will guide you about the local customs and traditions of that particular place.
  • Always greet local people with a hearty smile. Never show a causal approach.
  • Wear a sober attitude while interacting with local people.
  • If you are attending any community lunch, dinner or festival wear the right type of attire fitting for the occasion.
  • Show respect to the aged and community leaders. These are highly valued in some rural places, and you can easily win the hearts of foreigners.
  • Take enough precautions while going out for nature trails and hiking. Try to take at least one local people as a guide if you plan for a long distance hiking and trekking.
  • Know about the safety factors if you plan to venture at night.
  • Learn the rules of tipping the room service or attendants. Some may prefer tips while some may not.
  • Be polite while ordering room service and other attendants. They may be uneducated and take time to follow your instructions. Be patient while explaining them your necessities.

What not to do while on rural tourism:

  • Do not be too adventurous and break the rules of that area. It may be risky for your life.
  • Do not consume water from any unknown source. Check the source and cleanliness of the drinking water before consuming.
  • Check whether hard drinks are allowed or not before ordering a peg.
  • Do not offer to handshake with the local people especially women. Villagers unaccustomed with this gesture may feel uncomfortable.
  • Some religious beliefs and customs of a particular rural area may appear weird to you. Do not pass any unwelcome comments.
  • Avoid wearing figure hugging or revealing outfits. Never ridicule the local and traditional attire of the villagers even if they seem awkward to you.
  • Never intrude into any farms or pluck any product without suitable permission. Prevent your kids also from plucking and tearing of flowers and other farm products.
  • Never show your aggression or vent out fury if certain things go against your plan. Keep your cool and seek local cooperation in a friendly manner which will no doubt solve your problem.

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