Do’s and don’ts while on culinary tourism

Enjoying food has a tremendous sentimental value. It is an art that speaks of the cultivation of etiquettes while eating. The most important thing is to observe table manners while dining in a place you have visited on tour.

Use of knife and fork is not compulsory. You may use your fingers as well. However, when using the fork and knife make sure you use them correctly. Do not turn your plate a garbage bin. After your meal is over, leave the place tidy. In some restaurants, it is a general practice to leave tips for the waiter while it may be considered a bad gesture in some others. It is expected you follow the ruling custom. Before ordering, ensure you have enough money to pay the food bill. Make the best use of your debit and credit cards if you run short of cash. This is will save you from embarrassing situations.

When on a sea side holiday, do not eat whatever food you come across. Sea food may pose serious health issues if you are not habituated in these delicacies. Do not be too adventurous. Most puffer fishes are deadly poisonous and can be a menace!

Food bills are quite often loaded with a plethora of taxes like service tax, luxury tax, entertainment tax etc. Known your tax burden, and have a realistic estimate of how far the effect of tax is going to push your food bill up.

When having a hearty meal in a road side food stall do not rely too much on the drinking water offered. Buy and use your own packaged water as a safeguard against invading diseases carried by germs in the water offered by the road side food stall.

Do not place your order without consulting the menu booklet. Ensure the restaurant has the food you are looking for. If language is a barrier, the issue will turn acute and will result in misunderstanding culminating in a bad scene.

If you have chosen to have a drink of your choice to accompany your food, for god’s sake do not get drunk. It is advised you pay your bill after each subsequent drink to avoid misunderstandings regarding food and wine consumption and bill settlement issues.

Do not ever ask your cab driver to take you to the best restaurant in town that serves tasty and authentic cuisine. He may not be a much reliable source of information. He will simply drive you to a joint that pays him money for every customer he finds for it. Searching information about good restaurant and eateries can be done on the internet or local tourist information centre.

Since culinary tourism involves consumption of vegetarian and non vegetarian food, one should ensure they are served fresh. Consuming stale food no doubts will invite serious health issues. Ensure that the food is served directly from the oven and not the refrigerated stuff.

When being on a culinary tourism to a distant land, it is always advisable to enroll in a cooking tutorial. Here, you can have hands on experience in cooking local cuisine under the guidance of local chefs. This is no doubt an important value addition in your culinary tourism. The skill acquired can be well utilized to fascinate your guests someday with awesome cuisine prepared and delivered with professional skill.

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