Combining Wildlife, Cultural, and ecotourism in Khajuraho

Khajuraho is one of the great cultural tourism destination located in heart of India. The group of monuments located in Madhya Pradesh, India, consists of many Hindu and Jain Temples. These ancient temples reflect the culture, beliefs, and history of the region and country. The destination is accessible from each corner of the country. Visitors can reach there after eight to nine hours from the capital of the country, New Delhi. 
Khajuraho is a perfect place to visit as you can combine cultural tourism, wildlife tourism, and ecotourism together at the same place. Visitors can explore the natural beauty of the place and can understand the history of the place as well.

Cultural tourism destination 

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India has a vast history and Khajuraho is one of the destinations that tell the story and history of the country. When we talk about the historical value of the destination then we can say that the destination plays an important role in preserving the ancient culture of the country. Most temples of this destination were built between 950 and 1050 AD by the Chandella kings of the region.

These temples were built near Mahoba, the capital of Chandella dynasty. These temples remained the same until the 13th century and went through several changes as the rulers of the area changed. While some tried to preserve and rebuild the temples, others sought to neglect or destroy them. Many temples in the complex are now lost, but a few have managed to survived.

Khajuraho temples were remains neglected during the British rule, but they sheltered many yogis and Hindu pilgrims who visited the destination for religious reasons.

Ecotourism destination 

Source : (Madhya Pradesh, India) Travel Photography By Dr Prem

Apart from the cultural and historical value of the destination, it is also renowned for its ecotourism opportunities. Khajuraho welcomes thousands of visitors from across the world every year. Khajuraho also has the status of being a Historical Heritage Site of the country.

It is located near the jungle apart from the hustle and bustle of towns. Tourism facility providers offer different packages to their guests to best utilize the time and tourism potential of the region. February is the best time to visit the destination as visitors can enjoy the Khajuraho Dance Festival.
Khajuraho is gaining immense popularity as an ecotourism destination. It is a preferred destination for many tourists. Visitors can roam around and explore the natural beauty of the region. The climate and soothing environment of the place makes it a beautiful ecotourism destination. Visitors can discover various tourism attractions in the region. The destination is also a perfect place for hiking and trekking.

Wildlife tourism destination 

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Khajuraho is an excellent choice for a wildlife tourism destination. It is located near the forest, and has facilities that make it easy to indulge in activities like trekking and hiking. Panna tiger National Park and Bandhavgarh National Park are the main wildlife national parks located near Khajuraho. These national parks are the main wildlife tourism attractions of the region. Visitors can explore various mammals, birds, reptiles, and plants species in these reserves.

Panna Tiger National Park 

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This beautiful national park is located at a 57 km drive from Khajuraho. This beautiful region is known for its diamonds and wildlife like wild cats and tigers. Visitors can spot various animals and birds in the region. The park can be explored through safaris and offers a variety of packages for the visitors.


Khajuraho is one of the most visited tourism destination in India. It is known for its cultural, historical, and natural beauty. Visitors can combine ecotourism, wildlife tourism, and cultural tourism together.


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