Budgeting in sports tourism

Budgeting in sports tourism touches multiple areas ranging from cost of air tickets to your destination and back home, hotel rentals, inland transportation tariff, your tour agent’s charges, expenses on food, beverage and sightseeing in case there are places of interests to look around, and off course most importantly the cost of match tickets and stadium entry fees for the specific sports event you are planning to view.

Your target is to work out a feasible expenditure plan to achieve the maximum benefit and fun out of your sports tourism venture avoiding wasteful and unnecessary activities, which have no connection with your target. Focus should be on sport tourism and the relevant activities leading to expenses that you need to incur out of your hard earned savings.

Match tickets and stadium entry tickets for viewing sporting events ranking high in the popularity meter are often purchased in bulk by the intermediaries to create an artificial scarcity of tickets. They hardly have any interest in the sports itself. Their motives are plain and simple. They are out to make a profit hiking the ticket prices taking advantage of the ticket scarcity created by them. Try to stay clear out of these tickets unfairly sold at a premium. This may shoot your budget beyond manageable limits. Keep a close rapport with your tour agent for ticket procurement at a fair price and in advance. It is only your tour operator whom you know and on whom you may rely on issues relating to financial transactions. Rest is all absolute strangers, and there no point in believing they would play fair with you in monetary dealings.

You have planned to witness the most exciting sporting events, and your plan to catch and preserve the dramatic moments in a classy competitive sporting battle cannot lag far behind. Undoubtedly, the next major area of expenditure is the camera, batteries, memory chips and the stock of films that you need to carry.

The nail biting thrill inspired by magic dribbles in the soccer field and the legendary goals and dramatic saves by the goalkeeper need to be preserved forever. The lethal leg cutter delivered by your favorite bowler and the master batsman flinging the ball over the boundary rope are worth preserving clicks! And so does a record breaking 100 meters sprint event. The need to carry your camera becomes imperative, and long after your live experience in the gallery is over your need to call upon the exciting flashback can be made possible only through these well preserved shots. Therefore, expenses relating to this wonderful recording device and its ancillaries need to be factored in your master budget for sports tourism.

The duration of your stay in your sports tourism trip has a direct bearing on your budget. Chiefly the hotel rent, food and local transportation cost mounts if your stay is long. The availability of match tickets is a crucial factor. For example, you get tickets for two exciting sports events with a duration gap of seven days in between. The situation becomes tricky as you need to stay all those seven days meeting expenses to able to watch both the events. Your actual stay bearing all related expenses is for seven days while you enjoy the fun only for two specified days of the matches. These aspects need to be taken care of while drawing up the budget.

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