Activities in sustainable tourism

Sustainable tourism calls for multifarious responsibilities on the part of the tourists, which are in fact in the garb of activities to be carried out. In sustainable tourism, the twin objective of improvement of the economic status of the local population and encouraging environmental harmony are the watch words. The tourists while in a jubilant mood of explosive fun must not lose the basic sense of duty that they must not do anything to harm the ecological balance of the destination. The tourist may help in the cultural and social upliftment of the locals inhabiting the tour destination. Little bits of healthy practices can be encouraged and preached among the locals specially the tribes and those coming from the lowest economic bracket.


Simple acts of life like cleaning hands before eating or washing fruits and vegetables thoroughly before consumption would be constructive steps to upgrade the general health profile and inculcate a sense of hygiene among these people. Lack of knowledge of the basic hygiene among the poor locals inhabiting an amazing valley may push the entire community towards the edge of extinction. You have a definite role to play over here. You can edify them on the importance of sanitation and help prevent a wonderful tourist destination and its poor population from being a thing of the past! The tourist can engage in a lot of activities with a view to changing the lives of the locals towards a better future.


Exploring the culture indigenous of the destination is a productive step taken towards egging on the local mores so that they get to bloom and make their presence felt worldwide. You can always buy products from the local craft shops, handloom workshops and fishing villages. This gives you a feeling of fulfillment that you own a piece of memento from the exquisite destination. In exchange, the local business and the local communities get a financial boost and their standard of lives gets perked up, and this is one important activity typical of sustainable tourism. Buying local produce like indigenous fruits, cash crops like coffee, tea and cocoa, spices and herbs gives a shot of encouragement to the local planters. They get to earn from the sale of their harvest to tourists as well.

The tourist can spend a day with the local ethnic group of people after paying them some token money. The idea is to explore a typical day in their lives. This gives a tourist an insight into their daily chores comprising of rituals, hunting and gathering food, farming activities, art and entertainment, culinary activities and other big and small errands that make up their lives. This effort is a value adding exercise bringing their culture closer to you and only then can you appreciate the beauty of it and is certainly a significant activity promoting sustainable tourism.


In the environmental conservation front, your responsibilities towards ecology as a rational and duty bound environment conscious tourist would be refraining from certain detrimental activities, which do not go well with nature. Starting up a fire amid a jungle is a criminal act and so is smoking amid nature or shouting at the top of the voice. Jungles all over the world have certain unwritten codes, and it would be an activity sensible enough on the part of the tourist not to violate this silent code. It would be a sensible act from the tourists not to plunk waste and non biodegradable refuse into a water body, in the forest or on a mountain top. That would contribute a lot towards sustainable tourism.


If you locate a forest fire, try to put it out with available sources around like water from a nearby river or a lake or smothering it with sand or soil if handy. If the issue is beyond your manageable abilities, try and contact the nearest forest department bureau or the beat office before the fire takes on a horrendous form. It would be a positive activity if the tourist promulgates the concept of sustainable tourism either by group effort or with the help of media so that more tourists visit a destination with a view to environmental improvement and mitigation of local poverty.

Dr Prem Jagyasi (c)

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