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If you support responsible tourism and like to go for one considering yourself a global citizen rising above petty provincialism, there is an extensive range of activities that you will certainly enjoy and will be a guiding outline on which your mission for safeguarding the environmental, ecological, cultural and economical interests of the destination you have planned to visit. The first thing that comes in mind would be to select your location where you would like to have your responsible tourism launched.

Suppose if you select India as your destination, you need to get a fair idea of its cultural, social, economical and political state. Prior to actual visit, it will be a wonderful exercise to know about the floral and faunal distribution over the different regions. Learn about the season, and be sure your visit will be on sunny holidays and not overshadowed by a gloomy sky and long spells of showers. Learning the local language at least a couple of words expressing courtesy will straight go to your advantage. You will get a better behavioral response from the local people. Learning a few polite customary gestures that are common with the locals will certainly be an added bonus.

When you have a mission of upgrading the financial status of the locals, you should take a serious trip around the artisans and local craftsmen living quarters, their studios and workshops and devote some quality time to observe how they spend a typical working day. The glint of interest in your eyes and your focused presence will bring up a shot of interest and inspiration in the local artist, and he will be encouraged to open up a bit more to you. He might well share the secrets of his profession and trade. Just watch him in action, the fine touch of his paintbrush and the delicate movement of his sculpting tools and all the thought that goes in getting his dreams realized and translated into creative masterpieces.

It will be a fantastic educational exposure for you. The cultural communication between both of you builds up silently as you shoot questions centering on the subtle nuances of the subject he concentrates on. And he answers you back putting up every bit of his mastery over the subject. You can take photographs of his art pieces certainly after taking his permission and preserve it as a treasured possession. You may take a step forward and buy a couple of his manufactured craftsmanship.

Your sole contribution may be insignificant, but if one hundred responsible tourists join and buy the local craft the contribution will be substantial supporting the economic lift of the community of artists belonging to the destination you have in mind to explore, upgrade and make it survive through the time horizon.

Being a little responsible to local flora and fauna will be another important activity. Here you do not have much activity to execute it will be simply great if you could desist from certain actions which are detrimental to local plant and animal kingdom and here you will be acting like a true responsible tourist always on alert that your presence doesn’t leave any negative impact on the local vegetation and fauna.

Actions detrimental to plant and animals would be like setting up bonfires and campfire right in the middle of the jungle or cutting trees for cooking fuel or erecting temporary platform in the forest for bird and animal watching. Your activity would include reporting to forest official incidents of poaching, tree felling, setting bushes aflame or torturing animals. Hunting animals for food is a major crime and your effort will be much appreciated if you can assist the forest department in curbing these irresponsible activities. Attending wounded wildlife, helping a desolate and lost bird find its way back to its nest and refraining from littering the forest ground with garbage would be typical activities that you might get an opportunity to implement as a responsible tourist.

You can well start a responsible tourism wakefulness program by creating your personal website. You can make this site attractive by posting illustrations and photos all of which are directed at responsible tourism. Soon you will notice the site will be flooded with blogs and counter blogs, and the message that you desire to deliver concerning accountability and responsibility relating to travel have reached far and wide and have been appreciated by many people who would happily join you in a travel plan.

All your activities should be directed towards defending the interest of a destination you intend to visit ensuring its long term survival. Local folk songs and dances, skits and plays are fascinating pieces of experience that you have acquired from your visit. You get an insight into the cultural side of the place. It becomes an eye opener, and you get to learn a lot about the beauty of a lifestyle with which you were never familiar. You feel there is a serious need to carry back home what you have seen and felt. Your camera could help you in this regard to carry back photographs of a wonderful culture. It becomes a constructive activity on your part as a responsible tourist.

A great piece of activity would be if during the duration of your stay you could organize an education program for the poor children of the locality and at least spare a few hours on this regularly. Educational program could be text based or it could also involve practical skills as well improving the cognitive aptitude like toy crafting, painting and clay modeling. What these children have learned from you would help them shape their future and carve out a vocation for themselves. Your mission as a responsible tourist will be fulfilled if you could really help build the future generation of the destination you have selected to explore, travel and develop. You can help the rural economy by visiting directly the farmers and explore their lifestyle. Methods of irrigation, harvest and tricks of farming would be a wonderful exposure. We could buy their produce and help them make some money.

It would be just wonderful if you could take presentations and souvenir from your own country for the local residents of the destination you have selected to visit. Gifts for the local children will be an ideal scheme. This would bring two cultures closer to each other making globe a common dwelling place for people from different countries with cultural, economic and social contrasts. Words like provincialism and separatism would be removed from the lexicon and we will be working towards global harmony.

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