The city tries to rebrand itself by building a medical mart and convention center in hopes of attracting well-paying industry jobs to the region

Cleveland Wants to Be a Health-Care Hub

Cleveland, which has been losing manufacturing jobs for decades, has spentalmost $1 billion on everything from new downtown sports stadiums to theRock and Roll Hall of Fame in an attempt to rev up its economy, so far withmixed success. Next up: health care. In January construction will start on a$465 million Medical Mart & Convention Center targeted at manufacturers ofhealth-care equipment and supplies. Besides offering space to showcase and market high-tech medical equipment,project backers hope visitors will also want to see new gear in action atthe nearby Cleveland Clinic, one of the country’s top medical centers. Thebroader aim: to rebrand Cleveland as a health-care hub that will attractwell-paying industry jobs to the region. “High-tech medical, biotech, that’sgoing to be the new face of the community,” says Timothy F. Hagan, aCuyahoga County commissioner who championed the project.