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Top technologies to remodel the future of social media

Social media has become an integral part of our lives. Spending a day without logging in to your Facebook or LinkedIn accounts is a frightening thought. Technology is continuously updating itself to make your social networking experiences even better. Five to Six years from now, you will be able to look back and crinkle your nose in disgust at the way you browse the social media and the way you have to type each time you want to communicate or instruct the OS. Technology plans to take your web browsing and social networking to the next level of effortlessness. It will soon merge social media with your life in such a way that you won’t be able to differentiate between them.


Top Technologies to Watch Out For:

1.  Arduino: This is basically a circuit board used in making electronic devices but the fact they are available easily without spending huge amounts of money has made it a favorite of researchers. Tech savvy inventors are using Arduino to make a device that can monitor the pet cats and a chair that tweets when it comes in contact of dangerous gases. An East London Café is twittering their newly baked products for sale through such devices. This technological improvement can enable more and more appliances and gadgets communicate via social media.


2.  RFID Tags: RFID or the Radio Frequency Identification Tags are also being experimented with to enhance the capability of daily life objects. RFID tags are used in passports, ID cards and inventory tracking. The fact that transponders can be made economically and produced in the size of grains has given rise to the idea of using them in every daily life object. With RFID infused devices one can monitor the consumption data of your family and websites can use them for sharing our personal data without our consent. It can be dangerous for our privacy.


3.  Geomagnetic Cell Phone Devices: Yamaha has created a 2mmX2mm micro chip that will act as a compass in your mobile phone. When combined with the existing GPS and AGPS these chips will provide more minute location details to you.


4.  Optical Pattern Recognition: Biometric Face Recognition is a technical device that has been helping police departments recognizes potent criminals for years. The same technology is now being experimented up on by Google to organize your pictures in Picasa automatically. We can hope that soon Picasa will be tagging our pictures on our behalf.


5.  OpenID and OAuth: OpenID enables us to use the same password and email address for logging in to several different social sites. With the help of OAuth you can share the personal data you have in any one of your social networking accounts with other social networking accounts.


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