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Top five technology bans across the world

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1. Banning the BlackBerry by UAE and Saudi Arabia


In 2010, The United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia blocked access to the internet, delivering instant messages and sending e-mails among the Blackberry users. The ban was implemented because both the nations were very unhappy, as they were not able to monitor the communication of Blackberry. The Blackberry handsets operative in the two countries reportedly used to send their encrypted data to servers situated in other countries. According to the UAE Telecom regulators, this defect in the handsets raised social, judicial and national security concerns.

2. Pakistan Bans Facebook

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Disrespecting someone’s creed or religion is an unhealthy act and if committed in a Muslim community, it is almost equal to blasphemy. Islam is among the major religions of the planet and it was found that some other religious communities used Facebook to post some funny contents about this religion, which were also considered as very offensive. So, as a result, Facebook was banned by the order of the highest court of Pakistan.

3. China’s the great firewall


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China constitutes the largest number of internet addicts and Chinese leaders are well aware about the power of Web and, if used wisely, how it can bring change in a society. According to the government, internet crystallizes the human wisdom and so, the government often imposes bans on some websites thereby blocking the entire Chinese population from visiting those sites. Therefore, the Chinese government has made it clear that even the internet is not saved from the Chinese jurisdiction and sovereignty within the Chinese territory.

4. Laser Pointers


After the commercialization of laser technology, laser pointers have become quite handy and are available in almost every local store. Besides using these pointers during power point presentations, scientific research and conference meetings, many people also use this to have fun. Over the past few years, laser pointers have become quite a nuisance for many people and in some cases, even life threatening. Therefore, laser pointers were banned in Australia and many parts of Europe in 2008.

5. No cell phone in Cuba


It might be very surprising news for most of the people around the world that in Cuba you won’t be allowed to use a cell phone because using this little device is completely banned in this country. The ban is implemented not because of any security reasons or lack of technology but it is a way of the Cuban government to battle against their enemy, USA. Although, in what way depriving their own people of the modern technologies can ever cause harm to another country is beyond normal understanding.

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