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Japanese gadgets and technologies that deserve a mention for sure

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Japan is a country well known for its technological innovations and latest gadgets it keeps introducing every now and then. Needless to say, but some high tech gadgets developed by Japanese scientists are capable enough to take technology itself to the next level. Including almost everything you could probably ask for, the gadgets promise to bring a big impact in our day-to-day life. After all, most of the technologies and innovations that seemed to be impossible once have now got into the early stages of research and development.


Here is a list of some really noteworthy gadgets and technologies that have all the qualities of being a technological marvel.

Honda Uni Cub

As Honda now eyes on designing and developing prototypes, it has moved out of its comfort zone to suggest novel commutable vehicle, which if brought to actual existence will revolutionize the automobile industry. Accordingly, the Honda Uni Cub aims to bring high-tech gadgetry close to Robotics while promising to be a big, sure breakthrough for Honda.

The Honda Uni Cub is a prototype model of an indoor navigational medium that includes a motorized stool. It moves according to small variations in bodyweight. This device moves when the person sitting on it leans forward. It moves at a speed of 5 miles per hour. The Uni Cub would be a boon for people who find walking as a strenuous job (due to handicaps or otherwise).


The Stride Management Assist

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Another innovation by Honda, the Stride Management Assist allows people with feeble legs to walk a bit easier than it was ever before. This device is fitted on the waist and the thighs. The person wearing this device can walk faster as it provides enough thrust for forward movement.



Developed by Hitachi, the EMIEW2 is a small robot that delivers documents and beverages in the office. The robot can easily fold its legs while moving around, which further helps the robot to stay on its feet when it slips.


Fujitsu computer system

The computer system enables the user to move the pointer or the cursor through the movement of the user’s eyes. It will assist the people who can’t use the keyboard due to some physical challenges. The company has also developed a phone that can reduce the speed of speech and a phone that is absolutely waterproof.


Toyota Prius

The scientists at the Keio University have developed a transparent Toyota Prius. The entire backseat of the car can be made to disappear which would help the driver while parking the car. This is made possible by recording a video of the area on the back of the car and projecting the video on the seats, thus creating a transparent sight. Moreover, the transparent Prius will allow the driver to get the feel of driving a car made of glass.

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