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Colorful wireless Zookas for your smartphones & tabs

Colorful wireless Zookas for your smartphones & tabs

Ever since the foray of smart phones, tablets & PCs into our lives, life has become much easier. We get all our information from them at our fingertips, literally. Before these machines entered our lives, we used to have different gadgets for various purposes. Now all our activities have been streamlined, thanks to the advent of these gadgets. One thing which has dramatically changed over the last couple of years or probably across decades is the way we listen to music.

The revolution caused by digital music through the invention of compact discs and the introduction of the iPod has certainly changed our way of living. Now we have Zooka, a sound bar which is here to change the way we listen to our music from anywhere. Zooka is a modern day sound bar with all the essentials to make it a market leader. It has some powerful and never seen before additions. The Zooka sound bar is certainly going to be a revolutionary gadget, for it offers excellent quality at a stunning price!


Zooka, on the outside, seems like any other ordinary sound bar. But as they say, looks only deceive, this is a highly apt phrase with the Zooka sound bar. Basically Zooka claims to be a wireless speaker system. The Zooka was certainly built to please the eye. It looks quite cute, but the designers have put in a lot of good work into this gizmo. It has been built keeping in mind the average tablet user. The company claims that the Zooka has been specifically made for the tablet user.

Portability with quality is what the sound bar brings to the party. It can attach to your notebook, PC or even your desktop. The bar has been completely made of silicon, which makes it light, yet sturdy. Its body is scratch free and provides superior grip. This also enhances the durability of the Zooka. It is also rugged and has been made to be useful in all topographical conditions. It is compatible with the iPad smart covers, which is a neat feature to have. The design is minimalist yet effective. It claims to provide 5X sound output than the onboard speakers generally found on notebooks. The patent for the design of the system is, however, still pending.


Zooka is probably one of the most innovative sound hardware in the market currently. Bluetooth compatibility is certainly a must have feature in the 21st century and the Zooka does admirably well in this regard. It uses the power of Bluetooth wireless network to great effects. This means that the Zooka is compatible with almost any device, be it smartphone, tablet or even a notebook which is Bluetooth enabled. This means that it can connect with a plethora of devices, thereby making it quite user friendly, unlike some other bars out there in the market which are only Apple compatible. The sound through Bluetooth playback is smooth as silk, without any hitches, even if the distance is increased.

But don’t you have Bluetooth? No worries even then, as Zooka has a traditional 3.5mm jack to put all issues to rest. This is a must have addition as you can connect it to your old speakers which may not be Bluetooth enabled. Thus, connectivity feature in the Zooka certainly does gets a thumbs up!


If you thought that the Zooka was just about the looks, then think again! The sound bar offers stunning performance with its deadly looks. The system has rechargeable lithium ion batteries which makes the device portable. It provides 8 hours and more of live streaming, music, etc. Also, the design of the Zooka makes it quite portable & thus enhances one’s music experience. Although, the Zooka supports all major tablets and notebooks, it actually performs best when connected with an iPad.

The sound bar has received rave reviews from critics world over who claim that Zooka is probably the best sound bar out there in the market today. This certainly affirms the point that Zooka is not just good, but awesome!

Zookas also come in colours of all choices, thereby catering to the needs of each and every user. Also, if needed, a user can buy more than one Zooka for a single gadget too, in case he/she desires supreme kind of performance.

NEW designers

The designers of the Zooka deserve a special mention here. NEW is a design studio based at Portland Oregon. They aren’t a very big company but do produce innovative products,like the Zooka, every now and then. They certainly deserve all the credit for designing such a device. Actually the retailing for the Zooka has not yet begun, but the reason for the delayed launch is probably justified as the company requires funds to start production. So anyone interested in donating funds can log onto the official site of Zooka and help the cause. If the company receives the funds early, then we can expect the Zooka to hit the markets sometime around summer this year. This will certainly be worth the wait as it would go for sale at just about $89.


The Zooka is certainly one of the better sound bars out there in the market. The designers of the tab are raising funds in order to sell it at $89. That price is certainly quite a steal, considering all that the Zooka has to offer. The Zooka has been made keeping in mind the future as well; it supports Bluetooth 3.0 which could seal the deal in the days to come. So till the time it is launched, all that we can do is wait for the Zooka to blow us all over!

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