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All thinking iPhone after iPod, Apple not thinking much

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Like everyone else, even I’m following the hype of the iPhone – Apple’s $500 odd miracle. iPhone looks a superb device and it sure is one – with its list of endless features forming the axis of reviews after reviews. Its amazing user-friendly interface design – so unique that it lets you into all basic functions so simply.

Everything comes with those miniature flaws – coz it just reaches there – yet, not there – such is the case with the much-awaited 21st gen. charisma. Therefore, I will not be buying one on Friday 29 June but one will surely be in my future – wondering why? I’ll acquaint you with certain disclosures.

Once you own that Apple iPhone you will soon look for accessories that’ll get you the most out of your purchase – since the iPhone seems a advanced iPod you would believe that most iPod accessories would work. However, to your surprise you’ll see – some of your cherished accessories like the dockable speakers and high-end headphones will just not work with your latest Apple possession – that once complimented your ipod so well.

The foremost predicament that you’ll confront is – the iPhone not working as a phone when docked up with speakers. You’ve surely heard those bizarre, clicking sounds that come out of the speakers when your phone’s kept next to them – the interference caused by the RF signals. The iPhone is incapable here too – but sure wouldn’t be a case for long, a new tech. will allow the unit to develop system with RF shielding, that’ll detect the iPhone and allow it to function as a phone.

Next on the inadaptability line are your regular headphones that won’t work with your latest possession either. Lacking the 3.5-mm headphone jack – the port’s compact that’ll require the overmold or the plug-in to be extremely wiry to fit – so your prized headphones just don’t qualify – sad. The existing however will be modified by the adapters in the future.

The device does so much and comes with a great deal yet, the Apple beauty doesn’t support the stereo Bluetooth-enabled headphones – or if at all it does it’ll only be the monaural sounds that’ll be played. So, if you’ve shelled that extra bit for your trendy hands-free headsets with the iPhone in hand the loss is yours.

For many I would have created doubt on the eve of the launch, so here to rebut – this was no doubt provoking campaign – instead I would wish each aspirant a blissful experience with iPhone like you’ve had with your iPod’s or the other handsets for that matter.

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Source: Popularmechanics

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