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5 Gift options your audiophile friend will love

If you have a friend who enjoys music and love to carry stylish hi-tech equipment then you have come to the right place. These products are highly portable and gives amazing sound quality. Here are some popular audiophile options which your friend will love to have. These remarkable devices are best one to operate and enjoy the music. Read on:

Joey Roth Ceramic Speakers

These white glazed speakers have the ceramic cones with simple Baltic birch plywood stands. These speakers can be connected to a delightfully industrial stainless steel sheet metal amplifier. It is then set on a black cast iron base. You can air it up with iMac, aluminum laptop or minimal turntable. It is exposed to smooth-sliding felted wood volume knob, brass and metal finish. The product is made of ceramic with a cork end and gold plated connectors.

Soundmatters foxLv2 Audiophile Loudspeaker System

This pocket sized Audiophile Loudspeaker System comes with Bluetooth and Hands-free Microphones facility. It is one portable pocket-sized stereo speaker system which is best for an audio purist. The TIME magazine has named this product as a “Top Ten Gadget of the Year.” It comes with a wallcharger and is made of lithium ion battery. You also get USB connection, good fidelity and bass for its size. You get the highest fidelity resolution. You can listen wirelessly with Auto-Bluetooth Stereo or connect to any music.

Bayan iPhone and iPod speaker

Bayan Audio is launched to improve the audio quality of the iPod speaker docks. It comes at affordable price and has all amazing features. It is one of the best designs that has come up in the market so far. It is made with 12mm solid wood casing, and is specially made for less distortion and high class clarity. Other specifications like measure 45cm x 30cm x 28cm and weight of 6.84 kg makes it best for use. You also get twin amplifiers with 120W power output.

Preposterous horn-shaped iPhone

This is another great product to gift your tech gadget crazy friend. You also get it in Silver and rose plate. It comes with unit weighs 4.3 kgs and 235 × 392 × 556mm unit. It is also called the Trumstand. People claim it to be compatible with the Trumstand. It is CNC, labor intensive . You get this product at affordable price. This product is commonly used in Japan.

iNuke Boom iPod Dock

The product comes with a 700-lbs weight which is easy to move around. It is highly portable and comes with good sound clarity. It is specially designed to give quality music. It is light in weight and is easy to use. The product is available with 10,000 watt sound capability which is surely an amazing thing. It is one popular product in the market so far. All you need to do is plug it in your ipod or iphone and set the needed volume and there you go with amazing sound quality.

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