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Women love the new makeup free Barbie

The No Makeup Barbie Doll

One of the most famous toy fashion dolls ever to be made, Barbie came into existence in 1959. Barbie is a fashion doll that is known to have the picture perfect body and makeup. Since it came into existence the Barbie has been dressed in many looks and styles plus has appropriate makeup to go along with the look. But that has now changed. A graphic designer in Mexico has created a new look for Barbie.


The specialty of this new look for the Barbie doll is that she is makeup free. You read it right. The new Barbie doll designed by a Mexican graphic designer does not have any makeup and the face is like a normal girl with blonde hair and no makeup. As the images of the new Barbie doll without make appeared in the social media as well as other media, they became a hit especially with the women from all over the world. The new Barbie images show Barbie without makeup and with true feature like freckles, braces, yellowish teeth, frizzy hair and also another image shows Barbie to having a normal girl’s body not a size zero perfect body.

Women Love Makeup Free Barbie Dolls


The Barbie doll till these images came out, was an image of perfection. Perfect skin perfect hair, perfect makeup and perfect body shape. However the reality of women all over the world is very different. Most women do not have these perfect features and yet they are strong independent women of today. The concept of a woman to look perfect does not match with the reality. For example many girls have braces for their teeth while growing up and so by showing Barbie with braces this graphic artist has made the Barbie Doll more real and less the picture of perfection.

As more women can relate to this version of the Barbie doll now, as it is more real and natural as compared to the perfect Barbie doll many women have commented positively on this version of the Barbie. Many women from all over the world have given praises to the Barbie Doll’s makeup free look. It also sends a message that women do not have to look picture perfect all the time.

The Beautiful Barbie Doll is always going to be popular all over the world but these images of Barbie without makeup and with a normal body shape has also been popular especially with women.

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