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Ways to wear jeans with heels

Jeans are the outfits that never go out of style. Summers or winters, jeans are always in fashion. For women, jeans and heels make a perfect combination and add charm to their style. Heels not only increase your height but also make legs appear thin.There are different varieties of heels available in the market and it is essential to know which heel goes well with a particular jean. There are many things to keep in mind before wearing jeans and heels together in order to look distinctive and appealing. Check out some of the ways to pair jeans with heels.


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Skintight jeans are the best that go with almost every heel. The skinny jeans look stunning,especially when worn with slimmer heels. Dark jeans form a good combination with bright heels and make you look tall and attractive. Boot cut jeans with heels also make an effective dressing.

The bottom flare of such jeans allow proper fitting over high heels.The loose fitting boyfriend jeans look smart with classic heels. The simple patterned denims coordinate with pastel colored heels.Keep in mind that the length of the jeans should be neither short nor too long when wearing heels with it.


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Heels differ in their heights. The varieties include low heel, mid heel and high heel.Among the low heels, kitten heels are the best when paired with jeans. They look stylish both in casual and business events. Kitten heals and jeans form a versatile outfit and are comfortable to wear.These heels are a great combo with black or dark blue jeans.

Mid heels, include pumpsthat come in different colors. These heels have covered toe and are light in weight.They look amazing with variety of jeans like boot cut jeans, capris and skinny jeans.Now, we have wedge heels that range from high heels to low ones.

They go with any height of heel and are the most comfortable heels that provide support under the curve of the foot. Skinny jeans and capris are not a good option when worn with wedge heels. High heels include stilettos. Stilettos look the most attractive with dresses but form a good pair with proper hemmed jeans.

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Pairing jeans and heels is a fashion trend. Knowing how to pair jeans with heels can make a difference in getting the desired slim and tall look.Every jean has its own features. Choosing the feature that suits you best can help you pair the right heels and style your personality. Thejeans come invaried colors and cuts and so does the heels. Skinny jeans go with almost every heel but for pairing other jeans with heels, color combinationis necessary.

Jeans and heels that do not go together

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It is better to avoid jeans and heels rather than picking a bad combination.Never wear bell-bottom jeans with short heelsas thelarge flareof the jean covers your heel entirely and make your feet look small.Similarly, avoid wearing baggy jeans with heels due to its large size.Wearing straight jeans with heels will also be a drawback to the personality. It will not only hide a woman’s curves but spoil the appearance of the heels as well.

Wearing jeans with heels make a versatile outfit. It boosts a woman’s confidenceand is most suitable for work and casual wear. Not everyone may be comfortable wearing them but knowing the right styles to pair jeans with heels can easy your task. Effectively paired jeans and heels not only look stylish but also add charm to your personality.

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