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Super inspired hairstyles for that slimmer and younger look

Certain hairstyles can make you look younger instantly. When done rightly, these hairstyles can help make your face look slimmer and charming instantly. Accordingly, here are some celebrity inspired slimming hairstyles that would help make this possible.

Long or Short? Definitely Long

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Many stylists swear by long hairstyles to make a face slimmer. A longer hairstyle manages to elongate your face, making it look inches thinner instantly.

Side Parts

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A middle part would make your hair limper and would not do anything to accentuate your facial features. A side part on the other hand, would add more symmetry to your face while adding some much needed playfulness to your look, thus making your face look younger and thinner instantly.

A side part would also be considered as the best and safest option for oily hair. Middle parts can make the oiliness more apparent and lead to the illusion of a bigger crease on your head. A side swept look on the other hand, will add lift and fullness to your hair and enhance your bone structure, thus accentuating your cheekbones and reducing the fat in the cheeks instead.

Soft Waves

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Straight hair will do no justice to a round face. Soft waves on the other hand can create a visually pleasing frame around your face, making it look slimmer instantly. If you are stuck with naturally limp hair though, go for a short hair style with layers, side swept bangs and a deep side part to create the illusion of fuller hair while roundingthe angular features on your face.

Face Framing Layers

Face Framing Layers

Many stylists recommend a layered look for wider faces. Cutting layers so that they fall around the face gently can balance the weight of the hair with the face, making the latter look longer and slimmer. Opt for a middle part if you are going for layers and ensure the layers fall along the face below the chin.

Roughed up, Messy Hair

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Sleek hairdos can work for formal occasions. But they only tend to pull the hair back from the face, making the latter look wider in comparison. A roughed up, tousled look will work great for you if you are in your 40s or 50s. Give it a try.

Wispy Bangs

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Blunt bangs tend to make the face look rounder. Opt for wispy bangs instead with the fringes being longer near the edges of the face and shorter in the middle. This will create a slimming look effortlessly, removing years from your age as well.

Stylish Updos

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If you don’t prefer to keep your hair loose, consider tying it in a vertical topknot. This style will pull your hair upwards rather than backwards, thus creating the impression of an elongated face.

If you prefer braids, consider opting for a partial side swept braid that frames one side of your face and is loose enough to pull back the hair completely on the other end. This look will add instant charm and playfulness to your look while keeping those inches away from your face.

Playful highlights

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Plain hair colors may look good. But they tend to become boring and make you look aged after some time. The best bet in this case would be to opt for accentuating highlights that will add more length to your face while hiding flabby cheeks. Just make sure you keep the brighter shade near the top of your head while maintaining a darker shade underneath.

Also ensure that you choose colors that accentuate your face and not otherwise. For instance, if you are 40, an ashier blonde shade would look better than a baby chicken shade.

The hairstyle you choose can define your face structure and make your face look a lot slimmer. So take these tips into consideration when choosing a specific hair style for your face.

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