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Some fashion rules that can make you go fab anytime

Does fashion make you go confused? Do you waste hours to get ready to go out each day? Well, that is a problem with many as looking fabulous is a need of everybody. But then, not knowing the correct fashion combos one should wear in accordance with the latest trends can be disastrous. These trends make such a swift shift every other week that you don’t even realize when a particular fashion trend goes off. So, here are some fashion tips that can get you in style each and every day.


  • Go colored: Adding a dash of color here or there in your dress would make you too look dashing. But if you are scared to look popped up, get your accessories colorful. Get a pink bag with your plain white dress, wear a green strapped watch, get yellow on your nails or wear a magenta belt. Your hued accessories can make any simple dress shine. Check out ASOS if you wish to have some bold accessories to complement your dresses.
  • Mix designer with high-street stuff: Do not fear to experiment with high street and designer clothes and accessories. Experiment with brands, such as Burberry, Topshop, Love or Ragged Priest. While you may get some best of the dresses from Love, Ragged Priest is a relatively new brand that offers you cool fashion hats to make you go with the latest trends in fashion accessories. So, do a mix and match to look gorgeous always.


  • Go for shorts: There is no age for wearing shorts. Even if you are not a teenager, you could wear tailored shorts at office if properly matched with blazers. Zara can offer you a good selection of structured shorts. You may also try on tights with leather shorts during the cold weather.
  • Try varied textures: Keep a variation in the textures of clothes—go for leather with denim or use a black or monochrome base that can give a chic look. You may try Mango jeans with differently styled jackets.


  • Invest in interesting jewelry and handbags: Your outfits give their best when accessorized with some special jewelry pieces. Urban Outfitters offers great geometric designs in its fashion jewelry. You may also check out classic handbags from Balenciaga to suit your cool style. Their statement bags are such timeless stuff that you can ever invest in.
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