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8 factors that influence an individual’s fashion style

We all have different fashion styles, be it clothing, shoes, accessories and more. The reason behind is the difference of opinion, choice and the factors that influence an individual’s fashion style. Here are some of the factors that have been recognized to leave an influence on the fashion style we choose.


Budget is one factor that has the greatest impact on the fashion style decisions that we take. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that a wardrobe size depends on the budget of an individual. Suppose, you like putting on clothes, shoes and accessories belonging to exclusive brands. However, to transform this desire into reality, you got to have a sound budget.

Despite having the best of fashion sense and fondness, you can end up having a not so good fashion style if your pocket does not allow you. On the other hand, a relaxed budget can allow you to purchase designer clothes and accessories, which eventually enhance an individual fashion style.

Body Type

To carry a fashion style that we like, we ought to have a body type that is meant for that style. This goes for the clothing choices that we make. For instance, you are in love with the crop tops and mini dresses that those slim ramp models flaunt. However, you feel forced by your weight to let go of your clothing choice. So, body type is a yet another factor that influences fashion style of individuals.


The essentials in your closet or the fashion style choices you make have a lot to do with the weather outside. Suppose you love to wear those floor touching dresses with pointed heels. You will have to keep this desire aside if the weather outside is all wet and snowy. Likewise, you cannot hold on to your overcoats and furry jackets while the weather is too hot outside.


Well, this might hold true for only some of youbut the environment one lives in does influence one’s style. The environment herein refers to the style norms of a workplace, locality, culture, and the expectations of a social circle.A person’s desire to conform to certain norms makes him/her let go of certain style choices they feel do not go well with the set norms and expectations.


The lifestyle that we choose plays a significant role ininfluencing our style choices. A woman working in a fashion field will have an entirely different fashion style in comparison to a stay at home mother. Likewise, a man who plays sports has a different fashion style than the one who has to attend formal events on a regular basis.


Although permanently but occasions do influence our fashion style choices. As we all love to dress for the occasion, we tend to make unique and never before style choices at times. For instance, for attending an Indian wedding, a Japanese woman purchases a beautiful Indian saree.

A penchant for variety

Yet another factor that greatly influences the fashion style of an individual is the penchant for variety. Those who crave variety and newness in their wardrobe tend to keep a close eye on the latest fashion trends than someone who is least bothered about variety.

Style preferences

Some girls choose clothes with small patterns while other pick ones with chunky designs on them. Likewise, some boys have their closets filled with formal clothes while the others love to stock cool and funky clothes. These differences in fashion style are due to the different style preferences that we all have.

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