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Avoid a makeup disaster with these tips

You’ve realised it not a moment too soon – you’re a makeup disaster.

Your skin is flecked with cheap foundation, leaving patchy shades of orange that would make an Oompa Loompa dismayed; your foot-long eyelashes prod people who walk by; your lipstick is so bright that planes keep landing in front of you, mistaking you for a neon runway; and your eyeliner has the finesse of a 70-year-old trying to win a game of Operation.

And you’re not alone. Just walk down the street and you’ll be struck by the number of people who lash on makeup like there was a shortage.

But there are ways to make your style look less Katie Price and more Elizabeth Hurley. Here are just a few.

‘Ave the right minerals

In cockney London, ‘avin’ some minerals means being cocksure in your bravery – and, when it comes to mineral makeup, it’s the cocksure bravery of looking natural that’ll set you apart from the crowd.

Avoiding looking like you’re caked in makeup, mineral powder provides a lighter tone to your skin, giving you balanced colouring and a natural look. More than this, it’s a cosmetic with far fewer processed chemicals to strip your skin of its initial vigour.

So if you’re aiming for a superior skin tone, slap some minerals on your face.


Let skin breathe

The problem with shovelling more layers of makeup on your face than there are crusts of the earth is that it’ll suffocate your pores, leading to spotty skin and blackheads that will ruin your original pallor.

While the term “breathe” isn’t wholly accurate, it is true that skin without enough air is more likely to suffer from blocked pores. Not only this, but a dehydrated body will cause those pores to clam up faster than a criminal refusing to rat out his cohorts.

Give your skin a day or two without makeup and ensure you’re getting your average intake of H20 for optimal skin.

Keep life healthy

A healthy lifestyle is the key to many positives – longer lifespan, a better mental state, a less exhausted feeling during your day – but it can also help you with your style.

Those who exercise regularly won’t have to use quite so much foundation or blusher – they’ll already have a healthy glow. And those who eat a varied and healthy diet won’t suffer such a tired look – they’ll already have a vivacious streak in them.

Essentially, good health equals less makeup. So get healthy and you’ll save cash on costly cosmetics.



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