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Women’s health with regard to sex is slightly different to men’s health and its correlation with sex. The basic difference is the cyclical nature of women’s bodies and the production of hormones at regular intervals each month, which can influence not just their moods but also their sex drive and willingness to indulge in sexual activity during certain times. Even though the suggested diet that ensures optimal health for good sex is almost similar among men and women, the physical exercises necessary for the same purpose can vary among them because of the inherent differences in the sexual organs.


Gynecologists and other experts in women’s sexual health unequivocally agree that the pubococcygeus or PC muscles in women require specific exercises called kegels to keep them in a healthy condition for sexual activity. Women who strengthened their PC muscles with kegels have reported better orgasms and improved pleasure during sex. Dealing with menopause is another health issue that women have to face while trying to remain sexually active after 40. To be sexually aroused or satisfied can mean different things for men and women and how sexual activity affects them also varies while bringing about a significant change in their health.

Can women orgasm after menopause?

Sexuality is an important part of one’s life and in some cases identity as well. However, archaic opinions place sexuality firmly in the domain of the young. Older people enjoying sex, especially older women,can be quite a taboo. However, there ...

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Exercising your way to better orgasm

Exercising not only makes you physically fitter but also lifts your mood and revives your sex drive. According to recent research conducted by scientists there is a connection between orgasm and physical exercises. Debby Herbenick, an associate professor of Indiana ...

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Why sex desire is complicated in women

Most women loose their sex desire in their young age, and many factors can affect it. This can be a direct effect of stressful life and various health conditions. Low sex desire can have multiple benefits on a sexual life ...

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Herbs that boost estrogen

Female hormonal stability is a significant factor in health of women and is often the primary cause in menopausal problems, irregular periods, and decreased female libido. Estrogen is an important hormone which is required for the women’s body and deficiency ...

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