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Unbelievable things that might be reducing his sperm count

Have your partner been detected with low sperm count? Low sperm count in men is a common sexual health problem. Some of the usual reasons of this kind of problem are undescended testicles or celiac disease, excessive smoking and drinking. Some medicines which have to be taken regularly can also cause low sperm count.

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Men who are under stress or have to deal with huge loads of work are sometimes diagnosed with low sperm count as well. Apart from these probable reasons there are also some lifestyle habits and products which can lower the sperm count of men. Here are some of the reasons which you should know for the sake of caution.

Eating too much processed meat


Processed meat can be one of the banes of your testicle’s sperm production power. If you are into enjoying kinky sex like eating bacons from your beloved’s body then it is the time to stop if you want to reproduce. Processed meats like sausage and ham are particularly bad for a man’s sexual health. Turkey, bologna and other processed meats are equally damaging. Instead of meat try fish sandwich for lunch.

Sedentary lifestyle and couch potato attitude

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No, watching too much TV or reading one book after another will not decrease your sperm count but a sedentary lifestyle with little or no physical activity will. Physical activities not just burn your calories but also help in keeping you virile. This is exactly why obese people are known to suffer from various sexual problems including low sperm rate.

Try to reduce body weight if you are obese or on the verge of obesity by exercising regularly or play a sport that requires vigorous physical movements. If you are physically active then there is nothing to stop you from watching your favorite TV shows.

Heavy drinking

Live A Great Life

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If you are someone who is really into drinking and cannot figure what better time to spend their off time then rethink you life choices. Heavy drinking and regular drinking can demolish your chances of having a happy family life. Alcohol can be the reason behind your surprisingly low sperm count. Drink modestly and occasionally to avoid this problem.

Canned foods and receipts

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Odd as this may sound canned food and receipts can be the enemies of your sperms. The commercially produced food cans use BPA lining which is a harmful variety of soft plastic that affects one’s sperm count adversely. According to a research published in the journal Fertility and Sterility, BPA can also lower sperm motility. Receipts also carry BPA and handling too many of them may expose you to this harmful substance.


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Research conducted by Longitudinal Investigation of Fertility and the Environment or LIFE has found that wearing sunscreen can be one of the potential dangers for male fertility. The substances in Sunscreen like BP-2 or 3OH-BP that help in blocking harmful UV rays of the sun can disrupt hormonal activities when they mix with blood and reduce sperm production.

Less sex, less sperms

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If you do not have sex regularly then chances are high that less sperm will be produced in your body. For men who are suffering from the problem of low sperm count, not having sex regularly can prove to be a danger. So, don’t wait till your partner reaches the most fertile phase of her menstrual cycle but enjoy fornication every day. you never know when you both will get lucky.

Men who have been diagnosed with low sperm count should eat less processed meat and canned food. Regular exercising can also help in recovering from this problem.

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