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Thoughts that should not cross your mind during sex

Has you boyfriend or husband ever complained that you were not paying enough attention during a steamy session? Don’t worry a number of women have confessed been in that same zone of distraction many times. Blame it to the wandering minds; women are quite prone to thinking about all the oddest things and getting lost in their thoughts during sex. Well, it is definitely embarrassing and might make your partner feel slightly hurt.

 attentive during sex

Sex is a very personal interaction and just like other interactions, it is necessary to be both a good speaker and a great listener. If you fail to be attentive during sex too many times then it is now a time for intervention. Try to replace your weird thoughts with sexy ones and spice up your sex life for focusing on your pleasure more than anything else. Let’s have a look at things which makes your mind deviate at bed.

Did he learn this from another woman or porn?’

Couple during erotic moments in their bed

So, he is doing a more than good job in the bed of stimulating you and you are thinking where he picked up his tricks from. Well, men either pick their sexual tricks from porns or from online dating sites. There is plenty of material available online as to how a guy can arouse a woman and fully satisfy her.

If he is having sex for the first time yet doing a great job then be proud of him and return the favor by teaching him some more tricks. If he had sexual relationships before then don’t feel jealous but update your knowledge base. Be present at the moment of action. No matter where he picked the skills, he is applying them on you. It is always better to enjoy things while they last.

‘Oh no he can see my privates’

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Live A Great Life

For women it is not just the genitals that can be termed as private parts. A woman is never comfortable in showing the body parts which she thinks to be ugly. It can be your legs that you hate or boobs. Revealing your entire naked body to a man can be a scary experience.

It is not possible to ask him if he likes you as you are and get a straight and honest answer. Women silently obsess about the flaws in their private parts that they otherwise keep hidden from human eyes. Learn to love your body and be confident. It is your attitude that can keep you enamored even when you are naked with him.

Don’t obsess about making the right noises

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A lot of women have said that they were worried about how the sounds they make during sex will be perceived by their partner. However, it is the first time when you have sex that this type of insignificant worries will bother you.

As you get accustomed with having sex and your partner then you will not have to worry about the sounds your body makes. The best idea is to let the moaning to the body. You will make noises that your body inspires on getting sexual stimulation.

Little negligence and big misbehaviors

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So you wore your sassy wine lingerie yet he did not notice and was as quick to get it away as any other day. We cannot blame you for muttering under your breath and feeling dissatisfied. Not all men are equally romantic about such little details. The big misbehavior is when you give him a sexual favor which he does not return in kind. You will be fuming inside and craving what you didn’t get. Try telling him that you want the favor to be returned. A less than subtle hint should do.

Women often complain of getting all sort of relevant and irrelevant thoughts while having sex. The reason behind such thoughts can be excessive stress and monotony. Try to relax and add some spice in your sex life for silencing the buzz in your brain.

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