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Women, sex myths and reality

When you Women, sex myths and reality were young, you must have believed in lot of funny stuff about sex. You might have thought that if you use a tampon you might lose your virginity. As you now have grown ...

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The truth about sex after hysterectomy

Hysterectomy is a major operation, which can change your sex life. Many women have to go through this experience to avoid health related complications. Hysterectomy is conducted on women when there is a severe cyst or tumor inside the uterus ...

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DIY solutions for female sexual problems

Not all the sexual problems require treatment. Some of them can be treated at home by you and your partner with a little bit of sympathy, liberalness and care. To know how one can solve some sexual problems at home ...

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What Causes Sexual Problems in Women?

Sexual desires are found in the similar intensity in both men and women. A relationship between the sex partners always depends upon many factors where the willingness for the sex is probably the most important of all. The relationship faces ...

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