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The importance of cleaning after sex and douching

The perception of personal hygiene varies from one person to another. Your perceptions regarding sex and contraception are formed by your surroundings, education and knowledge. Sex is still a much tabooed subject which is not discussed openly. A woman who ...

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Tips and ideas for a happy sexual life

It may surprise you but thousands of couples spend millions of dollars every year on sexologist consultation fees and medicines that proclaim to improve sexual health. Sexual health disorders are embarrassing for people and they fear criticism from peers. People ...

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Secrets for making your erections last longer

Several thousands of men suffer from erectile dysfunction. These men are unable to last for a long time in bed during sexual intercourse. Men who do not have erectile problems are also dissatisfied with the size of their erection and ...

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Why sex desire is complicated in women

Most women loose their sex desire in their young age, and many factors can affect it. This can be a direct effect of stressful life and various health conditions. Low sex desire can have multiple benefits on a sexual life ...

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