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Importance of comprehensive sex education in schools

All around the world, very few kids get proper sex education, which makes them vulnerable to abuse, sexually transmitted diseases and exploitation. It is quite clear that comprehensive sex education in schools is quite important and far better than abstinence ...

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How regular sex can help you live longer

Earlier, sex was considered to be nothing more than physical pleasure for couples. However, research has proved that regular sex not only helps to get physical satisfaction, but also helps improve health and can help you live longer. Other than ...

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Study finds men to have longer sex life expectancy

It seems that the age old cliché may actually be correct. Men are far more likely than women to be deeply interested in sexual matters, having sexual intercourse and enjoying sexual pleasures, according to some new authentic scientific research by ...

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Female Sexual Problems Overview

Female sexual dysfunction can happen at any age. There was a time when discussing women’s sexuality was considered to be a taboo, but now, it’s being discussed openly. Women themselves find interest to know more about sexuality and the sexual ...

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