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Sex Addiction: How to find good counselor

Are you afraid that you have been terribly addicted to sex recently? Sex is considered a taboo in many countries even today, and people find it difficult to talk about the same openly. Though numbers of schools are nowadays providing ...

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Sex addiction – An intimacy disorder

Sex addiction has often been termed as an intimacy disorder. It’s primarily so because sexually addicted people cannot mix with people in the society as well as relatives in a close and comfortable manner as desired. Intimacy is an integral ...

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Is sex addiction immoral?

Many people in our societies think that sex addiction is something immoral. However, this issue can be clarified once they understand the real reasons behind sex addiction. Sex is actually a very powerful experience for human beings that can go ...

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How sex addiction makes you suffer

Sex addiction can make a harmful impact on various aspects of your life. While healthy sexual activity is a way to happiness, its addiction can snatch happiness from you. Sex addiction not only has the capability to destroy your personal ...

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How Depression Connects to Sex Addiction in Men

While it is a general thought that depression takes the form of a mental disease in women, there are many men who have been covertly suffering from depression. Our society’s culture and beliefs majorly lead to the suppression of emotions ...

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Simple tips to deal with sex addiction

An individual develops addiction for sex due to various reasons. While some people slowly develop this strong urge due to the excitement they get out of it, others simply find it as a vent-out for their hidden feelings of depression ...

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