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How Depression Connects to Sex Addiction in Men

While it is a general thought that depression takes the form of a mental disease in women, there are many men who have been covertly suffering from depression. Our society’s culture and beliefs majorly lead to the suppression of emotions ...

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What men generally ask about sex addiction

Many men cannot differentiate between regular sexual activity and sex addiction. In order to abstain from becoming sex addicts, men usually ask a variety of questions from professionals who treat such disorders. Here are some of the common queries that ...

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Food and nutrition for men to enjoy healthy sex life

A healthy sex life is highly requisite for a healthy relationship with one’s significant other. In men, sexual frustration can lead to numerous other imbalances in daily life activities. Sexual health is directly related to maintaining a healthy lifestyle for ...

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How does obesity affect sexual well being in men

There are several negative effects of obesity, which can lead to some serious health associated problems. However, with the growing awareness about the ill effects of obesity, one of the most overlooked problems is the effect of obesity on sexual ...

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How Zinc helps in enhancing the health of men

To maintain good health and be strong from inside you have to know which nutritional supplements are necessary for your body. Apart from carbohydrates, proteins, fats and vitamins our body also requires different minerals for functioning properly. Zinc is one ...

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