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Are herbs useful in enhancing your libido

From ancient times, herbs have been used for fixing different health related problems and enhancing sexual prowess. Some herbs are effective in increasing your libido and improving the quality of your sex life. The capacity of enjoying sexual pleasure varies ...

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Vitamins that improve sex drive in women

Many women complain of reducing libido.  In various studies, it has been found that almost thirty to fifty percent women face the problem of low libido in their lives. There are several reasons, which can result in reduction of sex ...

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What you should know about sex after giving birth

There are some misconceptions regarding post pregnancy sex. During pregnancy, your body goes through immense changes. Both the level of hormones in your blood and the size of your vagina transform after giving birth. Many women find getting back to ...

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Five foods to increase your libido

Nowadays the hectic and stressful life which is filled with too much of irregular life cycles, eating habits and monotony, takes a great toll in the sex lives of couples. Especially couples, who are both working, have no time to ...

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