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Study finds men to have longer sex life expectancy

It seems that the age old cliché may actually be correct. Men are far more likely than women to be deeply interested in sexual matters, having sexual intercourse and enjoying sexual pleasures, according to some new authentic scientific research by doctors and analysts. Research findings suggest that those people who stay active and fit through regular sexual intercourse not only enjoy longer lives, but also are better human beings.

Research carried out by The Chicago University, depicts notable academics who have published results online, Wednesday in British Medical Journal that, across every age group or demographic set men are more interested in sex than corresponding women — and that gap increased substantially with progression of aging.


The said difference was greatly pronounced in the 75 to 85 age group or elderly retired people who most people think to be dry as dust, where a staggering 39 percent of men compared to a meager 17 percent of women have said that they were frequently sexually vigorous and took pleasure in the act. The effect in the gender difference was far and noticeably smaller among those people who have been living with a partner. Most women of that age group however are far more likely to be either a widow or celibate through health, financial, social and psychological issues.

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An enormous percentage of a total of 71 percent of men who were regularly sexually active above the age of 75 reported that they enjoy and live a good and contented sexual life, while correspondingly compared with only some 51 percent of women in that age group, while a good 41 percent of men have said that they were greatly and continuously interested in sex and sexually related matters, compared to only 11 percent of women in the population surveyed.

“Overall, men were more likely than women to be sexually active, report excellent sex life, and are involved in sex,” the researchers found. “This disparity, and its implication for fitness, requires further examination.” they noted.


The researchers have found that the average individuals’ sex life decreases by 70. It is said that even by the age of 55, men can hope to achieve sexual arousal for another 15 years, women have 11 years.

A healthy man of 55 gains seven years of sexual life average, compared. Healthy women gain six years. The research matches with scientific evidence: good sex improves health, well-being, Researchers also found that healthy people were 1.5 to 1.8 times likely to have sexual urges.

Researchers Stacy Tessler Lindau and Natalia Gavrilova examined data from 3,000 American men and women of age group 25 to 74 and 57 to 85. Such people were interviewed, filling in surveys on marital status, and extensively rated the quality of sexual matters such as lifespan and general health.

In the editorial, Patricia Goodson, professor of health, Texas A&M University, remarked: The study is “refreshing… offers a health enhancing, health promoting perspective. Adults in U.S.A enjoy many more years of pleasant sexual intercourse than celibates or recluses”.

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