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Is your sex pain normal or a major red flag?

Sex is pleasure for some but also an activity which induces pain and stress. Yes that is true and if you lie in the latter category it can lead to problem in relationships. Especially for women it can be traumatic experience as they find sex as an obligation and something that they need to get rid of as soon as possible.

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That can be a big turn-off for their partner and result in sexual relationship related problems. If you experience pain for a short duration of time or prolonged, you need to consider certain things before stressing yourself out too much or relaxing and thinking it is normal for women. Read on to know about sex pain, whether to consider it a red flag and take action or ignore it?

First time pain is normal

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If you are having sex for the first time it is quite normal to have pain. The vaginal entrance can sometimes contract due to stress or not being in a relaxed position for arousal. This leads to pain and in most cases women have experienced pain the first time of their deflowering. Your partner is very important at this time as he can relax you and do more of foreplay to create lubrication and also make sure he goes slow the first time.  Anal sex however can be even more painful the first time around.

Regular pain during sex

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One reason for regular pain during sex is dyspareunia which is condition where the girl has pain in pelvis during or even after intercourse. Out of 10 women almost 4 women experience this and some even never talk about it. This is a pain experienced in vulva, vaginal entrance or lower part which is triggered by penetration.

Is your pain normal or serious?

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If you are having pain first time having sex or even 4-5 times after that it is quite normal. But if the pain persists and you experience it even after your intercourse is over, it can be a sign of something worth getting checked. Regular pain can be caused due to infection in the genitals or any number of other conditions like pelvic floor relaxation, vaginal cyst or even cancer.

Reasons for painful sex

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Reasons for painful sex can be attributed to a number of things. One of them is not being in an aroused state of mind and feeling too stressed about it. Other reasons can be related to your health and presence of infection in the genitals. Forced penetration and undesirable sex can also lead to rupture in the vaginal muscles which can be the cause of pain. Yet another reason for painful sex can be sexual trauma which has been troubling you for a long time.

Lifestyle and self-care

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Now we come to the important part. How to make certain changes in lifestyle and self-care to decrease sexual pain and increase pleasure. First thing you need to do is use a lot of lubricant during sex to reduce friction. You can use vegetable oil as a temporary solution but prolonged use can damage the latex. So go for good branded lubricants made for this purpose only. Secondly, make foreplay your tool to get more arousal and create a situation where you are relaxed for sex. If penetration is hurting you, try other techniques like masturbation.

How cure sex pain

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The best way to get rid of sex pain is to keep proper care of your genitals and get involved in intercourse right from the beginning. If you make up your mind that it is going to be painful, things are not going to get better. That said, if you experience prolonged and regular pain during sex it is best to consult an expert.

Sex pain is normal in some instances but if it persists it can be a major red flag to other related problems. The best advice is to discuss your problem with a sexual health expert and follow the things that have been prescribed.

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