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Sex Life

A good sex life is not an easy thing to achieve and takes time and effort to realize. Hectic schedules and increasing demands at work can prove to be a buzz kill for most couples at the end of the day and reduce the sex life to negligible at certain times. In addition to the physical attraction required for an active sex life, emotional desire for intimacy and a motivation for the sexual activity is essential.

In order to have a better sex life, couples must first establish a deep emotional bond with each other because having sex is not just a hormone-driven bodily function that is obligatory. Both partners must understand each other’s feelings and communicate openly among themselves throughout life because the course of their sexual life can span several decades. In couples who enjoyed a healthy sex life for such long periods, the unfortunate event of a partner passing away can leave the survivor seeking out a new partner for sex. For this reason, it is vital for older couples to talk about such lamentable events while both are alive so that the guilt of continuing a sex life with another partner does not weigh down on his or her conscience.

How obesity can affect your sex life

Obesity is a rising problem among the current generation. Obesity usually occurs due to the changing life cycle, asymmetrical work hours, stressful life and irregular food habits. This is a problem which if not addressed in the primary stages may ...

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How sex addiction makes you suffer

Sex addiction can make a harmful impact on various aspects of your life. While healthy sexual activity is a way to happiness, its addiction can snatch happiness from you. Sex addiction not only has the capability to destroy your personal ...

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How Depression Connects to Sex Addiction in Men

While it is a general thought that depression takes the form of a mental disease in women, there are many men who have been covertly suffering from depression. Our society’s culture and beliefs majorly lead to the suppression of emotions ...

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Why you need to have sex outdoors

Even the most passionate of couples begin experiencing a lull in their sex lives after they have exhausted all the skills in the sexual repertoire. When this stage arrives in a relationship, it becomes crucial to spice things up to ...

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