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Sex is an important, but not the only player in making a happy marriage

Sex is an undeniable part of an adult and mature relationship. There was a time when sex was a tabooed topic and no one discussed it openly. Husbands and wives consummated their marriage by having intercourse but it was a private affair, never talked about in public. Gone are the days but not the myths regarding sex that can cause severe bumps in your married life.


Sex is vitally important for sustaining a happy relationship but it is not necessary to have it every day for making your marriage happier. Touching, cuddling, kissing and massaging are some forms of physical love, which are as essential as intercourse. These are forms of physical intimacy and can help a couple feel connected. So, if you are too tired for sex tonight, consider cuddling with your partner and watching a movie in bed together.

Do not remain focused on sex

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A happy marriage is not just about the number of times you have intercourse every week or month. It is about being comfortable in each other’s presence and feeling secured. The thrill two members of the opposite sex feel when they first set their eyes on each other is the direct resultant of combined forces of sex hormones. With time, that giddy feeling wears off. That doesn’t mean your relationship has become stale. You still love your husband and he loves you too.

Do not make sex the focus of your relationship and stop measuring the success of your marriage by the number of times you have sex with your partner. Instead, make sure that you two are enjoying time spent together. Indulge in engaging conversations and go out for a stroll. Holding hands, cooking meals, taking a vacation and massaging your partner’s back after a long day at work are all beautiful ways of connecting with them and keeping the fire of love alive.

Live A Great Life

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Having sex is also a part of marriages and relationships. You should not completely neglect this aspect. Boredom and stress are the two factors that prevent husbands and wives in having sex. The pressure of performing is too high and dealing with it can be too much for your man. With age slows arousal, and lack of libido becomes a major problem that stop couples from enjoying sex.

For a healthy sex life, one must keep fit and follow a strict exercise regime. Maintain a balanced diet to ensure that each organ is getting sufficient nourishment. Diabetes and heart diseases have been found responsible for lack of libido. The individuals affected by such chronic diseases are also unable to retain the erection for a longer span of time.

 eat healthy for healthy sexual life

Sex can be described as the glue that keeps two individuals bound together. Children and shared responsibilities may make you two stay together but they cannot make you happy. For men, sex is their mode of communicating love and saying sorry. Women are very different from men when it comes to sex. They need proper communication and feel a connection with their spouse for enjoying sexual intimacy.

Couples have to find middle ground for creating a balance between the disparate aspects of their nature. Communication and quality time spent together can bring couples closer. Both husbands and wives should take initiatives for pleasing their partner and surprising them. Touching them often, squeezing their hands or massaging their thighs gently can also work as a physical communication of mutual affection.


Sex is an intrinsic part of married life. If ignored for a long time, its absence will create distance between husbands and wives. The focus of couples should be having good time together. Quality prevails over quantity here.

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