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Healthcare professionals all over the world acknowledge that anything that qualifies as a good element for keeping the heart healthy is also good for sex. The muscular organ that resides in our chest is responsible for maintaining a good blood flow to the genitals during sexual activity. Without the heart pumping blood to the right areas, arousal and erections would not be possible so it is vital to keep the heart in optimal condition for the rigorous activities involved in sex.


An unfit body can cause problems with sexual vitality, potency and health if not taken care of. An individual’s physical well-being influence his or her sexual performance and intimacy with their partner and there are several ways of keeping fit in order to have a healthy and fulfilling sex life. Undoubtedly, a balanced diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables with a low intake of fatty foods promotes the health of the whole body and ultimately leads to good sex. Exercising on a regular basis improves strength, flexibility and stamina in bed and specific types of exercises can boost the production of hormones that not only enhance the pleasure during sexual activity but also play an important role in keeping the entire body healthy.

Understanding the common sexually transmitted infections

Every sexually active individual should be aware of venereal diseases or sexually transmitted infections. There are around twenty different types of venereal diseases or infections that an individual may get from his or her partner through sexual intercourse and intimacy. ...

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How Zinc helps in enhancing the health of men

To maintain good health and be strong from inside you have to know which nutritional supplements are necessary for your body. Apart from carbohydrates, proteins, fats and vitamins our body also requires different minerals for functioning properly. Zinc is one ...

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Curing vaginal dryness with Vitamin E

For many matured and sexually active woman vaginal dryness is a big challenge. Younger women do not suffer from vaginal dryness unless they have some severe illness or bacterial infection. Older women who have had their menopause are the common ...

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Effective methods of treating vaginal dryness

Mainly women who have crossed fifty experience vaginal dryness. After menopause, the body goes through some serious changes. Estrogen production stops and a substitute of estrogen, is produced by the Adrenal glands. The absence of estrogen in your body creates ...

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