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The mere mention of the word sex can evoke a multitude of emotions in the mind ranging from love and longing to excitement and tenderness. The reasons for having sex are just as variable as the emotions it evokes when mentioned among people. From procreation and pleasure to insecurity and curiosity, sex can mean different things to different people depending upon their predisposition. Whatever the reasons may be, everyone involved the pursuit of sexual activity strives to make it more enjoyable and is constantly looking for ways to make it better.
Talking about sex with the partner is something that nobody should be ashamed of because it is a fundamental human right and communication opens doors towards a healthy relationship. Taking steps towards ensuring that the pleasure is mutual among sexual partners involves understanding the importance of foreplay, individual stamina and sex drive. Performance anxiety can often leave one partner feeling unsatisfied and the other depressed if issues related to physical oversensitivity and mental uneasiness are not dealt with properly. It is crucial to remember that having great sex is not just a physical activity dependent solely on sensations in the body because the brain is still responsible for interpreting those sensations that can influence the sexual performance.

Enhance your love-sex life with tantric sex

Life has become so hectic that we hardly get time to ponder on the more important and significant aspects of life like love and relationships. Work has taken over while love has cooled down in the backseat. You have probably ...

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Women, sex myths and reality

When you Women, sex myths and reality were young, you must have believed in lot of funny stuff about sex. You might have thought that if you use a tampon you might lose your virginity. As you now have grown ...

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A man’s guide to sex after marriage

It has been seen that men mostly lose their interest in sex as they are years into marriage. While this loss of interest might be due to a variety of reasons, men have to understand that sexual pleasure isn’t all ...

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Honeymoon sex guide for virgins

Unlike others who have witnessed the pleasures of sex many times in their lives before they finally get married, for virgins, honeymoon is nothing less than a second birth, where they get to interact with their partner mentally, emotionally, and ...

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The fallacy of considering safe sex a burden

Using condoms even when things have become serious in a relationship may seem like a spoilsport but not if you think about it practically. Condoms are like a safety shield that protects you against sexually transmitted diseases and prevents unwanted ...

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Is sex addiction immoral?

Many people in our societies think that sex addiction is something immoral. However, this issue can be clarified once they understand the real reasons behind sex addiction. Sex is actually a very powerful experience for human beings that can go ...

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