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The mere mention of the word sex can evoke a multitude of emotions in the mind ranging from love and longing to excitement and tenderness. The reasons for having sex are just as variable as the emotions it evokes when mentioned among people. From procreation and pleasure to insecurity and curiosity, sex can mean different things to different people depending upon their predisposition. Whatever the reasons may be, everyone involved the pursuit of sexual activity strives to make it more enjoyable and is constantly looking for ways to make it better.
Talking about sex with the partner is something that nobody should be ashamed of because it is a fundamental human right and communication opens doors towards a healthy relationship. Taking steps towards ensuring that the pleasure is mutual among sexual partners involves understanding the importance of foreplay, individual stamina and sex drive. Performance anxiety can often leave one partner feeling unsatisfied and the other depressed if issues related to physical oversensitivity and mental uneasiness are not dealt with properly. It is crucial to remember that having great sex is not just a physical activity dependent solely on sensations in the body because the brain is still responsible for interpreting those sensations that can influence the sexual performance.

Interesting sex tips for multitaskers

It simple and confirmed; for sex to look, feel and be intimate, couples need to be focused on each other. Things such as phones, books and even television should be a big no while sex, simply because if intimacy is ...

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How to master the art of seduction

Everyone wants to be loved and cared. If you are one of those deprived souls who have always strived hard to attract opposite sex but failed miserably, then there are certain things you need to follow and see the magic. ...

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How to make your woman want more sex with you

Seduction is a subtle art of manipulation. You have to spark interest in the heart of the significant other and make them desire you sexually. This way they will not mind initiating sex instead of you. Sometimes couples fail to ...

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