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Sex addiction – An intimacy disorder

Sex addiction has often been termed as an intimacy disorder. It’s primarily so because sexually addicted people cannot mix with people in the society as well as relatives in a close and comfortable manner as desired. Intimacy is an integral part of a relation, which combines love, respect, closeness to one another, sharing caring and loving mentally as well as physically. It is the capability where all our parts including thoughts, feelings and bodies are shared with each other.

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Every normal individual goes through and enjoys these phases of life. However, life of a sex addict is very different. Intimacy is immobilized. They are scared of sharing their true feeling with people they are associated with and therefore, they are unable to connect to the happenings of the outside world. They suffer from an unknown fear within them, which stops them from speaking to each other openly and freely.

This introvert character within them makes them unhappy, lonely and sad. They want to connect to the outside world but are not able to. They look for love in the wrong kind of places and tend to fall into bad company. This is a problem, which can lead to bigger problems. The sex addict is not capable to break down the thin wall that deforms and disconnects his sex life from his normal one and hence, he finds it difficult to incorporate himself in a group of people.

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Sex addiction may be caused due to innumerable reasons ranging from family life, physical disorders to psychological problems. It can also result due to lack of bonding between a child and his parents; it may be due to negligence by the parents towards child, sexual abuse, or emotional neglect by families who were inflexible, strict or sexually reserved. This failure leads one to distrust and lack of bondage between one another. A strange case is that even when the sex addict is having sex with his lover, he is not within himself.

He is fantasizing a different world altogether. Addicts feel that they are enjoying sex with their partners but this is not true. Even addicts who love their partners truly feel their desires take a different turn to call girls, prostitutes and other means.

It’s not always the parents’ fault

Not all sexual addictions are related to childhood. Some problems may arise due to illness, absence or death of a caregiver.

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Intimacy disorder is curable

People who are suffering from intimacy disorders can be cured properly. One needs to visit a doctor, or a sex counselor or a therapist, who would counsel them on the benefits of a normal and satisfying sex life, understanding between a partner and his spouse. Once treated, he can lead a normal life.

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