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Sex addiction and its influence on personal life

It is not about having a high drive for sexual activities that makes someone a sex addict. In fact, this type of addiction is similar to substance abuse where a person cannot resist the urge to consume drugs. In the same manner, a sex addict cannot resist the urge to get involved in frequent sexual activities. It becomes such an obsessive and compulsive behavior pattern for a sex addict that they want to be engaged in intercourse with numerous people at a high frequency. Sex becomes a priority for addicts and they cannot think beyond it.


When an individual develops such an addiction, they start getting emotionally sick. They are unable to balance life and pay attention to their personal bonding with family members, friends and partners. Sex addiction can go to the extent of breaking marriages and associations. When sex gains priority over every other thing in life, people may also start cheating on their partners and may remain involved in sexual activities outside their marriages. This is because they receive exhilaration along with emotional stimulation from frequent sexual activities. If these people are caught, then there is no way they can save their marriages or romantic relationships.

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In contrast to this, sex addicts can hardly help themselves when they are caught in addiction. Although they sometimes feel ashamed and guilty about their over-involvement in sexual activities and also develop a fear of being caught red-handed, there is hardly anything they can do about mending their behavior. The more they remain involved in their addiction, the stronger it goes on becoming.

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You may usually identify sex addicts by their excessive involvement in pornography, online chats, secret planning, prostitution, voyeurism, compulsive masturbation, etc. Their sexual behavior essentially remains out of control.

Sex addiction is not only harmful for marital and personal relationships, but is also dangerous to one’s own life. In women, it may lead to unwanted pregnancies and other complications. Some people may also catch sexual diseases like AIDS when they get involved in frequent sex with different partners. A few addicts may even commit sexual offenses that lead them to legal troubles. Sex addiction not only spoils family bonds, but can also cause harm to a person’s social standing and professional career. Basically, it is devastating to one’s life. Only a proper treatment program at the right time can save an individual from shame.


A person becomes a sex addict when he/she no longer has control on his sexual urge. At this stage, they may completely spoil their social and personal life, thus leading to shame and guilt.

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